Jennifer joined Education Pioneers because she believes having access to a high-quality education is every child's fundamental right. It will take talented, ambitious leaders to make educational equity a reality, and Jennifer is inspired by EP's mission to find and grow those leaders. As Director, External Relations, she currently leads the team responsible for EP's brand, sharing the what and the why of the organization's impact.  

Jennifer's previous experience has taken her across the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, promoting education reform and social impact. Prior to EP, she worked with Google's K-12 Education Outreach team to develop a pilot program that drove human capital knowledge sharing between the corporate and education sectors. Before that, she worked on Net Impact's central marketing and communications team.

A lifelong bookworm, Jennifer first became involved in education as a way to spread her love of reading - volunteering her time as a kindergarten reading tutor in East Palo Alto, CA. Jennifer holds a BA in Communication and English Literature from Stanford University, and is currently based in Boston, MA.

5 Questions for Jennifer:


1| What is your favorite school memory?

I had a big imagination and love of books in elementary school, and loved 2nd grade computer workshop days when I could write and clip-art illustrate my own stories in “Storybook Weaver” software.

2| Why do you work at EP and what do you love about it?

Making a difference in any sector requires finding and growing committed and hardworking leaders, and EP makes that happen for the education sector. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that my work and the leaders EP recruits pave the way for our school systems to improve in service of kids – especially those who have historically been underserved – over the long haul.

3| What’s your favorite EP tradition or memory?

Leadership stories, where we hear the personal stories of our colleague’s path into education leadership.

4| What has been your most memorable moment working in education?

Before EP, I worked on a pilot program at Google that shared their human capital best practices with senior HR leaders at ten different large school districts and CMOs across the country. Hearing that group’s commitments to change in their organization during our last workshop was inspiring. They had the knowledge and the authority to really make schools a great place to work, and I knew they could do it. (Bonus: I now know that some of those participants were EP Alumni and Partners!)

5| What’s your favorite place to bring visitors?

The Boston Public Market, right down the street from EP’s Boston office! Great for foodies.