Funding and Support

By identifying, attracting, developing, and amplifying the impact of thousands of leaders and managers in the education sector, Education Pioneers is poised to transform outcomes for kids. With your support, we can get there.

As a national nonprofit organization, Education Pioneers relies on a combination of philanthropy and program fees to operate our programs—and we're grateful to our current supporters. Learn more about what we do.

Why Give?

Talent matters. And it is the way to make education better.

By giving to Education Pioneers you are supporting the pipeline of talented managers, analysts, directors, leaders, and more outside the classroom who enable teachers and students to be more successful inside the classroom. They are critical to achieve lasting, systemic change of the education system for kids. Great policies and tools must be implemented with excellence at scale—a practical challenge that requires talented leaders and managers at all levels, often behind the scenes.

Pioneers transform systems. Systems support teachers. Teachers transform students.

Your support enables us to:

  • Identify and attract emerging leaders to the education sector

  • Develop and prepare these leaders for the challenges and issues facing education

  • Amplify the impact of EP Alumni working in education

  • Offer education organizations the talent they need to drive results for students

Current Supporters

$500,000 - $999,999

Anonymous Carnegie Corporation of New York
The Walton Family Foundation, Inc.

$250,000 - $499,999

George Kaiser Family Foundation

$100,000 - $249,000

Anonymous (3) Finnegan Family Foundation Kern Family Foundation
Credit Suisse FThree Foundation Merill Family Foundation

$25,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (2) Hyde Family Foundations
Paul and Mary Finnegan 
The Booth-Bricker Fund The Lynch Foundation The Prudential Foundation
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Victoria Foundation
Gale Mondry* and Bruce Cohen 

$10,000 - $24,999

Alexander "Sasha" Duchnowski (2009 Alum) Deloitte & Touche LLP Robert (Bob) Bridges 
Anonymous Jenny Shilling Stein   
Bruce Sandys  Longfield Family Foundation, Inc.
Sarah and Spencer Robertson 
Carson Foundation The Louis & Harold Price Foundation Scott Morgan 
Charlotte Foundation Pro Bono Publico Foundation Sturm Family Foundation
David Weinberg 

$1,000 - $9,999

Acumen Solutions Jeffrey Kang* (2007 Alum) and Victoria Tung PSEG Foundation
Alexandra Bernadotte (2007 Alum) Joshua Rubenstein* Richard Billings (2006 Alum)
American Express Members Give Katherine Finnegan (2012 Alum)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reily
Baptist Community Ministries Matt Westerlund (2015 Alum) Seth Reynolds*
Brad Wynn  Maura Marino (2007 Alum) Shannah Varon (2009 Alum)
Eileen Rudden* MB Financial Bank The Shilling Family Foundation
Eugine (2005 Alum) and Edward S. Chung  Melissa Wu  Stephen Chan (2008 Alum)
Gianna Shepard Bruno (2009 Alum) Motorola The Stern Family Foundation
Google Nikhil Kumar (2014 Alum) Susie Crafton 

$999 and below

21st Century Fox Eric Stevens (2009 Alum) Mary Johnson (2015 Alum)
Abigail Schaller (2015 Alum) Facebook Matthew Kowalsky
Adena Spadaro (2016 Alum) Gregg Behr  Matthew Lewin
Alexa Ehrlich  Heather Furman (2015 Alum) Matthew Sack (2015 Alum)
Alexandra Landon (2017 Alum) Jacob Williams (2015 Alum) McDonald's
Alyssa McKeon (2016 Alum) Jacqueline Pohl (2006 Alum) Megan Aghazadian (2008 Alum)
AmazonSmile Foundation Jason Weeby (2007 Alum) Michael Bonino (2006 Alum)
Andrea Eisinberg (2016 Alum) Jean Richardson 
Michael Oxman 
Andrea Wolfe (2016 Alum) Jeremy James (2012) Michele Houtchens (2014 Alum)
Anna Braet (2015 Alum) Jessica Fick  Miguel Jiménez
Anne McClellan  John Lyons (2016 Alum) Nancy Lee Chavez (2008 Alum)
Annie Toro  John Sassaris Nicole Smith (2015 Alum)
Anonymous Jon Furr Nina Culbertson (2015 Alum)
Arlette De La Cruz (2017 Alum) Julie McPhillips (2017 Alum) Oars + Alps
Avleen Makkar (2015 Alum) Kaitlin Gastrock (2009 Alum) Peter Skoglund 
Barri Stiber (2008 Alum) Karishma Roopchand (2014 Alum) Ranjini Govender (2008 Alum)
Brett Kornblatt  Kate Morgan  Richard Reynolds (2011 Alum)
Brian C Johnson  Katherine Cueva (2015 Alum) SAGA Innovations
Camella Scott (2017 Alum) Kathleen Fujawa 
Samuel Mondry-Cohen 
Carrie Douglass (2006 Alum) Kaya Stone (2005 Alum) Samuel Reid 
Cary Matthews (2008 Alum) Kelly Frazier (2012 Alum) Sara Guderyahn 
Chris Folk  Krista Vander Leest  Shanan DeBlaw 
Claudia Bach (2015 Alum) Laura Fogliano (2008 Alum) Silvestri Paving Company
Colleen Desmond (2013 Alum) Lauren Combs (2015 Alum) Sisi Yang (2016 Alum)
Community First Foundation Lauren Kushman  State Street Corporation
Dan Rosenstein (2017 Alum) Laurence Bleicher (2013 Alum) Stephanie Marek (2015 Alum)
Daniel O'Neill  Lauri Hammer Stephen Tilley (2007 Alum)
David Phillips (2010 Alum) Leah Webster Steve Hong (2007 Alum)
Deanna Harnett  Lina Bankert Steve Sherman (2005 Alum)
The Drexel Fund Lisa Berdie (2014 Alum) The Surge Institute
Edward Reynolds (2013 Alum) Lucy Lbs Susan Fogliano 
Elise West (2007 Alum) Marc Fredson  Susan Liu (2017 Alum)
Elizabeth Luckock (2014 Alum) Margaret Brenner (2014 Alum) Suzanne Lynn 
Embassy Suites by Hilton Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile Marin Heiskell (2009 Alum) Yvette Philip (2013 Alum)
Emilie Wainwright (2017 Alum)
Mark Cheng (2011 Alum)

*Member of the EP Board of Directors