Education Pioneers is working to ensure that the education sector has the talent to transform.

Public education could be a powerful lever for equity and excellence for all children.

Yet the opportunity gap persists. Without transformative change, we will continue to undermine the potential of students, families, and communities to realize their ambitions.

Many organizations focus on attracting and developing teachers and principals whose classroom instruction and school leadership are on the front lines every day.  But like any other sector, K-12 education requires exceptional leadership beyond the front line to truly deliver on quality for all students.

Few organizations focus on the importance of leaders and managers outside the classroom – people playing important roles in finance, operations, strategy, and analytics – who make decisions and shape policies that directly affect student and teacher success at substantial scale.  

Education Pioneers is building the leadership and management pipeline for the education sector.

Founded in 2003, Education Pioneers’ mission is to attract, develop, and mobilize a diverse network of high potential future leaders who will bring the capacity needed to solve education’s evolving set of challenges so that education can become a lever for equity and excellence. 

We find, develop, and catalyze leaders and managers outside the classroom so that students and teachers can succeed inside the classroom. We’ve built a leadership pipeline for management talent that is unmatched in scale and scope. Our network is now 4,500+ Alumni strong — 1 in 2 who identify as leaders of color and 70% of whom stay in education long term.

Leadership matters in education. A recent study found that, after classroom-based instruction, leadership within the education system most impacts how well students learn in school.

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