“Over the past decade, Education Pioneers has repeatedly demonstrated that they can turn a bold and ambitious vision into reality.”

 – Gloria Lee, President & COO, NewSchools Venture Fund

Founded in 1998, NewSchools Venture Fund (NSVF) is a national nonprofit venture philanthropy firm that works to transform public education, particularly for low-income and minority children in historically underserved communities. To achieve this goal, NewSchools Venture Fund supports education entrepreneurs, helps them grow their organizations to scale, and helps connect their work to broader systems change.

NSVF's ventures are having a significant impact on the lives of underserved children – both as individual organizations that directly touch the lives of students, teachers, and parents, and together as a critical mass of entrepreneurial organizations that are effecting system-wide change in public education.

Our Impact

More than 40 Education Pioneers have made a lasting impact on NSVF’s market research and investment strategies since 2006. Over the years, Graduate School Fellows and Analyst Fellows have:

  • Identified and performed due-diligence on the best opportunities for investment in early childhood education and education technology, ensuring that NSVF’s portfolio represents ventures who will truly push the needle on long-term student achievement.
  • Designed prototypes and resources to increase access and support for entrepreneurs in NSVF’s human capital portfolio, preparing each venture to succeed.
  • Planned convenings and drafted white papers focused on teacher preparation and education technology, working directly with the policy director to advance NSVF's education policy agenda.
  • And more.