The Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) works to transform K-12 education by investing in and providing business planning, coaching, and other resources to support innovative and high-performing charter school networks. Founded in 2005, CSGF has thus far committed over $185 million to support the creation of more than 260,000 new seats in charter schools for low-income students and students of color. Many CSGF-supported schools have nearly eliminated the achievement gap and even outperformed non-CSGF schools with more affluent students.

Only select charter school management organizations that deliver outstanding academic results are chosen by the CSGF; its 40 portfolio members were selected out of a pool of 375 applicants. Serving nearly 160,000 students nationwide, the charter organizations CSGF supports operate in states such as California, New York, Tennessee, and Texas. The nonprofit is on pace to realize its vision for 2020, where more than 1,000,000 students have access to schools in high-performing charter networks across the country.

Our Impact

CSGF has hosted twelve Education Pioneers since 2010 who have:

  • Created a strategic expansion plan for CSGF’s Facility Fund, including investment analysis and recommendations, ensuring the fund is poised to best help CMOs access cost-effective school facilities. 
  • Worked with charter school networks across the Midwest to plan for organizational growth, structure financial projections and investment deals, and address human capital and organizational needs as the networks grow.
  • Supported the optimization of CGSF’s internal analytical system in generating insights that drive organizational decision-making and performance by making customized analytics and data visualizations 
  • And more.