Created in 1647 as the first public education system in the United States, Boston Public Schools (BPS) today serves nearly 57,000 students in 128 schools. The district is committed to transforming the lives of Boston's children through exemplary teaching and aims to help every BPS student develop the knowledge, skill, and confidence to excel in college, career, and life.

To achieve outstanding results for all of Boston’s students, the district focuses on four goals: 1) strengthening teaching and school leadership; 2) replicating success and turning around low-performing schools; 3) deepening partnerships with parents, students, and the community; and 4) redesigning district services for effectiveness, efficiency, and equity.

Our Impact

More than 115 Education Pioneers have impacted Boston Public Schools across a variety of departments. Over the years, they have:

  • Supported the development and roll-out of a new district-wide kindergarten curriculum, including overseeing efforts to license its intellectual property, which helps BPS’ earliest learners get better instruction and establish the district as a curriculum leader.
  • Led community engagement efforts among staff, students, parents, and public transportation authorities to successfully launch a program for middle schoolers to use public transportation, which reduces district costs and ensures students get to school safely.
  • Helped implement a new student school assignment model by organizing the assignment algorithm and reporting on impact, ensuring students across Boston have more equitable access to quality schools close to home.
  • Coordinated and evaluated a weeklong training institute to introduce newly hired principals to the district and prepare them for their roles as instructional and organizational leaders.
  • And more.