Created as a result of Tennessee's winning Race to the Top application, the Achievement School District (ASD) is dedicated to proving the possible by moving the bottom 5% of schools in the state to the top in five years. In accomplishing this goal, ASD will expand its students' life and career options, engage parents and community members in new and exciting ways, and ensure a bright future for the state of Tennessee.

The Achievement School District works on two fronts: both as an operator of schools and as an authorizer of high-quality charter schools in Tennessee. With over 22 schools currently part of the network, ASD has grown consistently since its creation and remains focused on increasing freedom and autonomy at the state and school levels, recruiting and retaining the country’s top talent, and preparing all students for college and career success. 

Our Impact

Eighteen Education Pioneers Fellows have played a pivotal role in the ASD’s growth since 2012. Our talent has:

  • Led educator professional development efforts as an instructional coach, helping new and experienced teachers plan and execute high quality reading and writing lessons to accelerate student achievement. 
  • Managed logistics for the ASD's teacher induction program, providing teachers with all the necessary tools and training to be powerful and impactful leaders in the coming school year. 
  • Spearheaded the design and implementation of a holistic student needs assessment and resource identification system that connects students with community service providers who can meet their non-instructional needs.
  • Refined the ASD's special education compliance and perfomance monitoring systems, ensuring that all students with disabilities, their service needs, and their academic performance are accurately identified, reported, and monitored. 
  • Optimized central office processes related to the federal funds reimbursement and implemented methods that expedited the funding process for school operators and organizations, ensuring that all schools have the finance resources they need.
  • And more.