A summer teaching fellowship after her junior year of college changed Heidi Erbe’s life. At Breakthrough San Francisco, she found her passion for leading summer fellowships that challenge, inspire, and develop undergraduate and high-school students as potential teachers.

Since then, Heidi has trained, coached, and mentored hundreds of college students, and also trained dozens of directors and coaches to lead teacher training programs. She has led summer teaching fellowships in San Francisco, Oakland, Birmingham, and Denver and also trained professional teachers across the country.

As a result, she has affected thousands of students across the country by increasing their access to high-quality teachers, and her former fellows are teaching, leading, and continuing to learn in classrooms across the country.

She became in EP Fellow in 2015 to reach even more teachers and students.

  • Operations

In 2015, Heidi joined the Generation Teach team as an EP Fellow to lead Denver programming and train summer academy directors for Denver and the Northeast. Generation Teach is a nonprofit organization committed to changing who enters teaching, how they are prepared, and what they believe about their profession and their students.

As Heidi points out, far from a shortage of teachers, Generation Teach has been overwhelmed by an abundance of diverse applicants -- high school and college students -- who want and deserve the opportunity to try teaching.

Generation Teach's summer teaching fellows are 76 percent people of color, 79 percent local, and 40+ percent future first-generation college graduates. Since 2014, the organization has offered over 220 summer teaching fellowships with a 99.99 percent completion rate.

Following their summer teaching fellowships and college graduation, more than half of  teaching fellows are entering classrooms, investing in the communities they come from, diversifying the schools our students attend, and giving our country a new generation of life-changing teachers.

Now serving as Generation Teach’s Chief Operating Officer, Heidi is responsible for recruiting, selecting and training an annual cohort of summer teaching fellows. She also trains and supports professional teachers from Denver Public Schools to coach, support, and lead summer programming -- in 2016, 100 percent of teacher leaders reported growth as a teacher.

Heidi was a semifinalist for 2016 EPic Alumni recognition.