By working closely with schools, students, teachers, parents, partner organizations and other community advocates, we are dedicated to creating better opportunities in the support of all students.

Memphis native Anjelica Hardin Hall currently serves as the Managing Director of Partnerships and Programs for the Tennessee Charter School Center, an organization that provides ongoing, comprehensive support to the state’s growing charter sector, which encompasses 98 schools and serves about 30,000 students. The Center’s mission is to support charter schools and advocate for autonomy, accountability and choice in public education.

Previously, Anjelica served as the State Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Achievement School District (ASD) in Tennessee, a state-wide turnaround district with the mission of moving the bottom 5 percent of state schools into the top 25 percent. However, deciding which schools will join the ASD portfolio -- through a process named “conversion” -- is controversial. In her role with ASD, Anjelica tackled the difficult challenge of revamping the process to make it community driven, and empower communities to make decisions around the school model.

Through feedback from stakeholders and having tough conversations with her organization's leaders, Anjelica created and implemented a plan that focused on student and community needs. She collaborated heavily with other organizations, including STAND for Children, BAEO, and The Memphis Lift who hosted community meetings and shared information on how parents, students, and community members could be involved in the process.

For the first time ever, the process was people-focused. Additionally, Anjelica led process changes that resulted in a positive and informative dialogue between community members and representatives from Shelby County and the Achievement School Districts at public community meetings for the first time in four years.

Anjelica’s work and impact also includes:

  • Conducting research and synthesizing data on kindergarten readiness as a junior researcher for the Urban Child Institute, which laid the ground-work for Pre-K adoption in Shelby County.

  • Co-founding the music education nonprofit COR Music Project, which focuses on providing world-class music instruction as lever to improving academic performance for students, modeled after El Sistema and the White House’s Turnaround Arts Initiative.

  • As a Program Manager for TNTP, managing a portfolio of staffing for 23 schools and leading hiring events during the largest school merger in U.S. history.

  • Helping establish the Tennessee Branch of Education Pioneers during her time as a Program Specialist, where she has served on the Alumni Board.