Priority Area: Operations

Fellows with operational aptitude will help organizations build efficient and effective systems to ensure that the maximum amount of resources can be focused on student impact.

If you’re interested in using your operational background to make a difference in education, please share more information about your professional interests in your application.

The Work You'll Do

An EP Fellowship is a chance to build on previous experience in areas like:

Facilities management

Purchasing and vendor management

Process and systems design


In the education sector, these critical operations affect the school building, transportation, food service, and more. Education organizations rely on efficient, effective operations to ensure that students, teachers, and principals are supported to make magic in the classroom. 







Charter Management Organization Director of Operations
  • Oversee non-instructional aspects of school operations, including facilities, transportation, and student enrollment so that teachers can focus on curriculum

  • Ensure school-wide compliance with critical health and safety laws, charter contracts, state education mandates, teacher certification regulations to ensure the school remains in good standing

Public School District Operations Fellow
  • Revamp school lunch program to minimize costs without sacrificing the quality and healthiness of school meals

  • Create systems to streamline administrative work, allowing staff to focus on creating delicious food that will keep students healthy and energized to learn


Pioneer Spotlights


EP Alumnus, 2012


PROJECT: Jason led the move of an Uncommon Schools charter school facility on a tight summer timeline and budget. He oversaw a $300k renovation of the new school building, worked with contractors and vendors, and helped plan classroom spaces so that students had a safe and welcoming environment for the learning throughout the year.

CURRENT ROLE: Associate Chief Operating Officer, Uncommon Schools


EP Alumnus, 2013


PROJECT: Wei analyzed the use of technology across operations and instruction at Uncommon Schools’ North Star Academy. She identified areas where new systems and methods could impact teacher effectiveness, like tracking student attendance and behavior, and introduced system improvements on the way to a three-year technology implementation plan.  

Education Sector Needs Your Skills



“My highest priority as Chief Operating Officer has been to ensure schools have as many resources as possible as early as possible.”

-- Q&A with EP Alumnus Andrew Buher, former Chief Operating Officer, NYC Department of Education

“Change is always a work-in-progress. It’s very rare that something will launch completely right from the start. But your odds of getting it right are much better if you listen to those closest to the ground level.”

-- Q&A with EP Alumna Julie Swerdlow Albino



Other Priority Areas

EP focuses on recruiting and placing Fellows in four key priority experience areas: data and analysisstrategy and planningoperations, and program and project management. Our Partners have particularly high need for expertise in these areas, which have high potential for impact with students, teachers, and families. While EP does match Fellows with select roles in human resources, finance, marketing and communications, and other functions, we focus our efforts on our priority areas. 

Data and Analysis Strategy and Planning Operations Program and
Project Management


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