Your Impact Fellowship Experience

Fellowship Experience

An Education Pioneers Impact Fellowship will inspire and prepare you to become a transformational leader in education and beyond.


Create Impact

Apply your skills to a meaningful, 10-month data or project management challenge at an education organization.



Grow as a Leader

Explore why you're driven to make a social impact in education and practice the leadership competencies and skills that will prepare you for success.


Build Community

Develop connections that can last you throughout your career by being part of a dynamic and diverse cohort of fellow Pioneers.  

Your Placement Your Leadership Development  Your Network 


CREATE IMPACT: Your Placement

Fellowship Experience

You can't find more high-stakes, challenging, and meaningfulwork.

Help ensure that all students have equal access to educational opportunities. Bring your problem-solving experience to an education organization and lead strategic work in data and analysis or project management to make a difference.


The Fellowship’s work placement embeds you within a school district, charter school, nonprofit, government agency, or other education organization in one of 13 metro regions across the country to tackle a strategic data or project management challenge.

During your placement, you’ll apply your existing skills and knowledge in data and project management to support an education organization’s work on behalf of students and communities. Imagine yourself helping an education organization make critical progress towards achieving their mission, expanding its reach, or tackling other important work it couldn’t take on otherwise. 

PRIORITY AREAS: The Work You'll Do

Impact Fellow applicants come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, and all qualified candidates have experience using data to inform and drive their workwhether conducting complex analyses or leveraging data to drive strategic decision-making. 

We’re seeking strategic, creative problem solvers who have experience in data & analysis, strategy, and project management to support our Partners who work on behalf of students, teachers, and families.

Read more about our priority skill areas and the type of work you'll do as an EP Impact Fellow >>>

We match and place Fellows with education organizations for 10-month engagements where the skills and experience Fellows bring can make the biggest impact – and where we believe Fellows can grow and contribute beyond their role. Each placement is overseen by an invested supervisor, and Fellows are directly embedded within a team and organization.

GROW: Your Leadership Development

Fellowship Experience

Go deep on foundational knowledge and practice the competencies that will make you a successful leader.


Working in a high-stakes, complex sector like education requires thoughtful leadership. Being an effective education leader also requires being conversant and credible in the matters that impact schools and communities directly. Through the Impact Fellowship’s 10 months of robust leadership development programming, EP Fellows gain exposure to the issues, policies, and politics that are critical for a transformational career in education.

Through workshops and professional development opportunities in cohorts throughout their Fellowship, Fellows learn about the need for and impact of transformational leadership across local and national education landscapes and dive deeply into the persistent opportunity gap and the roots of inequity in our current system while building your orientation to people-centered and inclusive leadership practices. 

EP invests in Fellows’ learning and practicing their leadership skills to increase their impact during the Fellowship and beyond—skills like vision driven leadership, engaging stakeholders, managing change, and managing up for influence. You’ll both learn about concepts and have an opportunity to practice them in workshops and at your placement.

Your programming will include:

Induction, introducing you to EP and our resources.

Workshops and Webinars throughout the 10-month program, with a combination of education sector and general leadership learning

Capstone, designed for reflection and launching your future.

During programming sessions, you’ll hear directly from prominent education leaders who serve as guest speakers, dive into case studies, and put yourself in the shoes of critical stakeholders throughout the education sector.

The Impact Fellowship is designed to help rising leaders grow into the changemakers they want to become. Whether you’re brand new to education or looking to grow your education career, the Impact Fellowship builds your understanding of both the system and organizations within the education sector so you know where you fit best, and it equips you to make a difference.  What you’ll learn from experts, peers, and from EP will prepare you for your next professional step, whatever that may be.


Fellowship Experience

A Pioneer for life.


The connections you’ll build as a Pioneer begin with your local cohort, the hallmark of the EP Fellowship. Your diverse local cohort of talented peers might include former consultants, policymakers, teachers and more. Some will have backgrounds in education and others won’t. What all of our leaders have in common though, is they bring a deep commitment to education and will have unique, valuable perspectives and experiences to add to the conversation.

Through learning and serving alongside your local cohort, you’ll form tight bonds that will last you throughout the Fellowship and throughout your career. Your cohort serves as a community of peers who can support you, guide you, and challenge you to improve. To put it simply, they’ll be “your people.”

As a Pioneer, you’ll also have lifelong access to more than 4,500+ Pioneers who are making an impact for millions of students nationwide. Over 70% of our working Alumni are employed in education, at all levels and across the sector and country. Through online networks, local Alumni board opportunities, virtual and in-person events, you’ll have the chance to tap these change agents for career advice, best practices, and future job connections.

There's no better network to support you as you launch a high-impact career in education.