Impact Fellowship Admissions

The multi-step Impact Fellowship selection process helps us identify applicants who meet our eligibility guidelines, have the potential to drive impact for our partner organizations, and can contribute meaningfully to our network.

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For projects starting between July - September


For projects starting between August - September

Online Application

Application closed on April 1

Application closed on June 15

If you applied between 5/20-6/15, your timeframes to complete the final round steps may be later than the outlined final round timeframes.

We’re looking forward to reviewing your application! We want to learn more about you and will assess if you’ll be a good fit for the Impact Fellowship by reviewing your academic and work history, geographic preferences, resume, and ensuring you meet our eligibility requirements. Please don’t forget to read our blog post on how to ace your application!

Work Exercise

Due one week after receipt

You'll learn if you're advancing to an in-depth interview by mid-April

Due 4 days after receipt

You'll learn if you're advancing to an in-depth interview by early June

Your application for the Impact Fellowship will not be complete until you complete a 90 minute performance task involving data, which will give you a taste of the kinds of challenges you’ll tackle and the skills you’ll leverage in a placement. While we understand that not all candidates are data analyst, all of our projects require that candidates demonstrate a baseline familiarity with data. 

In-Depth Interview

March - April

You'll learn if you're advancing to a group interview by early-May

May - June

You'll learn if you're advancing to a group interview by mid-June

We’re looking forward to connecting with you one-on-one! If you advance to this stage, you’ll interview with an EP Alum or an EP staff member. In order to sign up for an interview, you’ll first need to submit contact information for two references.

Your 45-60 minute interview gives you an opportunity to further expand on the information you provided on your application and to demonstrate and discuss your interpersonal skills. The interview also gives you the opportunity to learn more about Education Pioneers and to ask questions about the Fellowship and the selection process. 

Group Interview



We’re excited to give you the opportunity to preview a topic in the education field and the cohort experience through tackling a case study.

The group interview is conducted virtually and is split into two parts. The first part is an independent activity where candidates will have several days to review and analyze a case study, culminating in a ten minute recorded presentation of their work. The second part, which happens at a later date, is a group activity that builds on the independent case study. In the group activity, candidates will have the chance to debate and discuss the case study, and they will get a preview of how Fellows engage and dialogue with their cohort peers during programming. 

Finalist Notification



  • Learn whether you're invited to become a finalist for fellowship opportunities in our matching and placement process
Finalists move into matching and placement.



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