Impact Fellowship Admissions

The multi-step Impact Fellowship selection process helps us identify applicants who meet our eligibility requirements, have the potential to drive impact for our partner organizations, and can contribute meaningfully to our network.

The 2023 Impact Fellowship application is now open.  

2023 Application Deadlines and Admissions Process



For projects starting on 9/25


For projects starting on 9/25 or 10/23


For projects starting on 10/23

Online Application

Application deadline May 2

Application deadline June 13

Application deadline July 18

We’re looking forward to reviewing your application! We want to learn more about you and will assess if you’ll be a good fit for the Impact Fellowship by reviewing your academic and work history, geographic preferences, resume, and ensuring you meet our eligibility requirements. Please don’t forget to read our blog post on how to ace your application!

Data Exercise

Due 5 days after application submission

You'll learn if you're advancing to an in-depth interview mid to late May

Due 5 days after application submission

You'll learn if you're advancing to an in-depth interview by late June

Due 5 days after application submission

You'll learn if you're advancing to an in-depth interview by early August

Your application for the Impact Fellowship will not be complete until you complete a 90 -120 minute performance task involving data, which will give you a taste of the kinds of challenges you’ll tackle and the skills you’ll leverage in a placement. While we understand that not all candidates are data analysts, most of our projects require that candidates demonstrate a baseline familiarity with data. 

In-Depth Interview

May - June 

June - July 

July - August

We’re looking forward to connecting with you one-on-one! If you advance to this stage, you’ll interview with an EP Alum or an EP staff member. In order to sign up for an interview, you’ll first need to submit contact information for two references.

Your 45-60 minute interview gives you an opportunity to further expand on the information you provided on your application and to demonstrate and discuss your interpersonal skills. The interview also gives you the opportunity to learn more about Education Pioneers and to ask questions about the Fellowship and the selection process. 

* Case Study Performance Task

* Please note, the Case Study Performance Task step of the Admissions process will now occur during the Onboarding stage as a component of creating a Finalist Profile. As a result, the In-Depth Interview is the last Admissions step for candidates and you can expect to learn more about the Case Study if you advance to the Onboarding stage as a Finalist. 

We’re excited to give you the opportunity to preview a topic in the education field by tackling a case study.

You'll get the chance to engage in a case study and produce a performance task or work sample. Candidates have several days to independently engage with the case study and will ultimately record a presentation of their work. This is a great opportunity to showcase your skills in action! 

Finalist Notification

Early June



Learn whether you're a Finalist to be considered for Impact Fellowship opportunities in our Onboarding process

Finalists move into the Onboarding stage, which includes matching and interviewing with Partners and potentially receiving a Fellowship offer to confirm your placement. 



Questions about our application and admissions policies? Read our FAQs