Priority Area: Data and Analysis

Data-savvy professionals use their skills to support critical and strategic decision-making, so that organizations can help transform education for all students.
We seek professionals who are fluent in data for the EP Impact Fellowship. You’ll be well positioned to help education organizations transform results for students.

The Work You'll Do

Our Partner school districts, CMOs, and other education organizations especially need emerging leaders who can interpret student data, make strategic recommendations, and tell stories with numbers. The work that our data and analysis professionals do as part of their Fellowship builds on their previous experience in:

Data collection and management


Modeling and forecasting

Research and evaluation

Expertise in data and analysis paves the foundation for education organizations to track meaningful achievement and progress towards goals, and make data-driven decisions that are in the best interest of students and communities.







Charter School Network Data Visualization Analyst
  • Design and maintain internal databases, including management of source data and assurance of data quality
  • Create dashboards and reports with Salesforce, and visualizations with Tableau so educators and staff can act upon key information about student learning
Education Consulting Firm Data Analyst and Strategist
  • Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis on core strategic issues for clients and synthesize insights from these analyses.
  • Build financial models and develop tools to support data analysis.
  • Write and deliver high-impact presentations, strategic plans and research briefs.
School District Data Manager
  • Ensure that school assessments are administered in accordance with the protocols outlined by the state, test publisher, and/or regional teaching and learning team.
  • Develop and execute professional development to ensure teachers are able to utilize software applications.
  • Perform statistical analyses to support leader decision-making.

Pioneer Spotlights


EP Alumna, 2015


PROJECT: During her fellowship placement, Megan supported Seeding Success—a non-profit in Memphis that collaborates to ensure every child graduates high school prepared for college, career, and success in life—through data-informed policy research and recommendations. In this role, she analyzed data to develop reports and briefs on key topics in local, state, and federal education policy that influenced collaborative work with the school district and local organizations.


EP Alumnus, 2015


PROJECT: As an EP Fellow, Ivan established the data department at Coney Island Prep, a K-12 charter school in Brooklyn, NY. There, Ivan created dashboards that centralized, organized, and analyzed the academic and behavior data of nearly 800 students. As a result, 89 teachers and 25 school leaders are now able to easily discern correlations and patterns, and make smarter data-driven decisions to advance student learning.

Education Sector Needs Your Skills


"Similar themes emerge for many of the organizations and the obstacles they encounter, including: data quality, data infrastructure, and staff capacity."

--- The Data Imperative, Part I: Challenges Along the Way

"We believe schools should hire dedicated support specializing in data analysis and interpretation, to help schools measure student academic progress, forecast state assessment scores, and identify struggling students throughout the year, so as to adjust instruction quickly and help students succeed."

--- Teachers are not Analysts: Re-Thinking our Expectations of the Data-Focused Teacher Generation

"We are increasingly aware that information is imperative to know if we’re getting our work right – if students are learning and thriving – and data tells us where we stand and where we can improve."

--- What Educators Can Learn From Netflix

Why EP?

Daniel Tesfay, an EP Alumnus who had a data-focused role, shares why choosing EP was the right choice for him and why you should take the leap too!

A little discomfort can be a great thing.

I’ve seen the data. I know that students are struggling, so breaking out of my comfort zone to try and change dismal statistics for future generations hasn’t felt risky at all. This experience has solidified for me that education is where I need to be working.

You might find your place where you never expected it.

Moving for the Fellowship to get my foot in the door and build a career in education has been an incredible professional boost. 

The opportunity to explore, participate in, and lead all aspects of our work has been an unmatched opportunity.

You make meaningful connections

It has been tremendously helpful to get to know and connect with the other Fellows in my cohort.

It’s been invaluable to have a network that gets it. This work is high stakes, and it isn’t easy.




EP recruits and places Impact Fellows in two priority areas: data and analysis and project management. Our Partners seek strategic, creative problem solvers who have expertise in these areas, which supports their work on behalf of  students, teachers, and families.

Data and Analysis Project Management


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