Your Summer Fellowship Experience

Fellowship Experience

An Education Pioneers Summer Fellowship is more than just a job. It's an experience that inspires and prepares you to solve problems from outside the classroom, so students and teachers can succeed inside the classroom.



Build on your existing skills and access summer and long-term roles that create impactful solutions for education organizations.




Gain exposure to the issues, policies, and politics that are critical for a transformational career in education.



Form deep bonds within a diverse local cohort and nationwide network united by a shared passion for transforming education.  

Your Placement Your Leadership Development  Your Network 
LEAD: Your Placement

Fellowship Experience

Help move the needle for education organizations and students.


Your placement will anchor your EP experience. Annually, EP places Fellows at 200 partner organizations in cities across the country. As a Fellow, you’ll be embedded at a school district, charter management organization, nonprofit, government agency, or other organization committed to transforming education.

During your placement you’ll apply the skills and knowledge you’ve gained from previous work to a new setting in the education sector. Imagine yourself helping a Partner organization make critical progress towards their mission, expanding their reach, or tackling other important work they couldn’t take on otherwise. You can’t find more meaningful work.


EP focuses on recruiting and placing Fellows in four key priority areas: data and analysis, strategy and planning, operations, and program and project management. Our Partners have particularly high need for expertise in these areas, which have high potential for impact with students, teachers, and families. While EP does match Fellows with select roles in human resources, finance, marketing and communications, and other functions, we focus our efforts on our priority areas. Learn more about them below.
Data and Analysis Strategy and Planning Operations Program and
Project Management

You’ll be matched with potential placements based on your history of professional and academic experience, as well as personal preferences you indicate during the matching and placement process. EP works hard to match Pioneers with projects and roles where you can make the greatest difference based on your expertise. Our goal is to give you access to new opportunities that lay the foundation for you to lead in the education sector.


LEARN: Your Professional Development

Fellowship Experience

Go deep on foundational knowledge.


Being an effective education leader requires being conversant and credible in the matters that directly impact schools and communities. Through Fellowship programming, EP Fellows gain exposure to the issues, policies, and politics that are critical for a transformational career in education.

As a Fellow, you’ll join a local cohort for in-person and virtual professional development opportunities, and learn from your peers and from education leaders locally and nationwide. Programming lays the foundation for you to thrive in your placement organization and beyond.

Your programming will include:

Induction & Evening Foundations

Workshops and Webinars


Education Pioneers offers Summer Fellows programming throughout their 10-week placement experience. EP combines in-person and virtual webinars for Fellows to connect with and learn from leaders in education, their peers, and other members of the EP network. Recent speakers at EP programming include Civil Rights Activist and Professor Howard Fuller, CEO and President of NYC United Way Sheena Wright, and former United States Secretary of Education John King.

Fellowship Outcomes:

  • Fellows develop and practice transformational leadership competencies
  • Fellows gain critical education sector knowledge (encompassing history, power, politics, and policy)
  • Pioneers build strong relationships and connections to a diverse cohort of peers and network of leaders across the sector

Summer Programming Includes:           


Fellows will learn how to have a successful Fellowship experience in order to advance learning and growth, as well as have an opportunity to build community with one another.


Fellows will be exposed to the root causes of the Opportunity Gap with a K-12 lens and will explore related systems in order to develop a deeper understanding of one’s individual impact.


EP Staff will lead an event that connects themes from programming to current events, local activities, or relevant articles or books.


Fellows will participate in a virtual learning community that will provide a broad range of offerings including topics like: implicit bias, leadership, human capital, and technology in education.


Fellows will be exposed to concepts and leadership competencies that enable them to more effectively lead change, analyze and understand what systems-level / transformative change involves, and develop strategies and tactics to advance change within their own contexts.


Fellows will form small groups, create a presentation on a regional education topic, and present their findings during the final workshop.


Fellows will reflect on their fellowship experience, learn about alumni engagement opportunities, and present their cohort collab projects as a summation of their shared cohort experience.


CONNECT: Your Network

Fellowship Experience

EP’s greatest asset is our people.


The connections you’ll build as a Pioneer begin with your local cohort, are the hallmark of the EP Fellowship. You’ll join programming alongside a diverse local cohort of talented peers, which might include former consultants, policymakers, teachers and more. Some will have backgrounds in education and others won’t. All of our leaders bring a deep commitment to education and will have unique, valuable perspectives and experiences to add to the conversation.

Your connections don’t stop there. You’ll have lifelong access to more than 4,000+ Pioneers who are making an impact for millions of students nationwide. Over 70% of our working Alumni are employed in education, at all levels and across the sector and country. Through online networks and local in-person events, you’ll have the chance to tap these change agents for career advice, best practices, and future job connections.

There's no better network to have at your disposal as you launch a high-impact career in education.