Education Pioneers believes extraordinary change requires extraordinary people. Here’s how we work to transform education:


We recruit emerging leaders who believe all students can succeed.

We scout the nation to find Pioneers from a variety of backgrounds – business and policy graduate students, data wizards, operations experts, marketing professionals, and other professionals who want to work in outside-the-classroom leadership positions in education. Our Fellows are creative problem solvers outside of the classroom so students and teachers succeed in the classroom. 


We match our Pioneers with the right role for their skills and background.

We develop deep relationships with our Partner organizations—from school districts to nonprofits to charter schools—to understand what leaders they need to advance their vision. We match Pioneers with the expertise and experience to help solve problems and complete mission-critical projects so school systems can better serve students and teachers.


We advance our Pioneers through programming and a growing network.

We provide our Pioneers leadership development and encourage them to make a lifelong commitment to a rewarding, transformative career in education leadership. Our network solidifies connections, careers, and strong support systems between our Pioneers and partners in education -- so that, together, we advocate for equity in education. 

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