Pioneer Profile: Jon Hanover

Jon Hanover Roots Elementary
In this Pioneer Profile, EP hears from Alumnus Jon Hanover (Analyst Fellow, 2010), who founded Roots Elementary School in Denver, Colorado, a brand new school that is set to open this August. Read on to hear more about why Jon wishes we paid teachers like we pay hedge fund managers and professional athletes, why his favorite school memory includes jumping on furniture and Latin verbs, and what it was like when one of his students learned to read for the very first time.

Making Magic Beyond the Classroom for Chronically Ill Kids

CoachArt Making Magic
It’s 93 degrees in Glendale, California, and Kara Allen Soldati’s passion for innovation is as palpable as the May heat. Kara, a 2010 Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellowship Alumna, and I meet to talk about her work leading the nonprofit CoachArt, the bold vision she has for her organization, and her recent selection to the 2015 Pahara Institute NextGen Network.

Education Pioneers Q&A with Analyst Alumna Vi Nguyen

EP Analyst Alumna Vi Nguyen
Vi Nguyen once thought that her success story was the norm. When she was nine years old, Vi and her family emigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam, and Vi enrolled in Des Moines Public Schools in Iowa as an English-as-a-Second-Language student. With help and guidance from teachers and counselors, Vi thrived and went on to earn a college degree from Yale University. Working as an analyst in the U.S. Congressional Budget Office and researching Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans, Vi realized that her success story was the exception.

Alumni Rock Star Round-Up: From Mobile Apps to the World’s Most Innovative Companies, EP Alumni are Transforming Education

Education Pioneers Rock Star Alumni Round-Up
EP Alumni are making powerful change in our country. Among our thriving community of leaders, here are just a few recent, high-profiles successes of pioneers who have been recognized for their innovative and important work on behalf of students. We’re proud to share their accolades.

Top Five Reasons to Apply to EP’s Graduate School Fellowship

Graduate School Fellows
In May 2013, I joined EP’s Graduate School Fellowship Boston cohort for a 10-week summer placement with Boston Public Schools. From my first day to my last, my Fellowship was a steep learning curve, a chance to connect to with colleagues and make friends, and an opportunity to make an impact at one of the largest public school districts in the country – overall, an incredible experience. Still on the fence about whether you should apply? Here are my top five reasons: