Analyst Fellows Convene to Discuss Nashville Prep Charter School and School Choice

In late January, the Southern region Analyst Fellowship cohort convened in Nashville, Tennessee to discuss issues surrounding change management and innovative ideas in education. Several distinguished education professionals from the Nashville area met with the Fellows to discuss the space for innovation and change in education organizations nationwide. Among these guests was Ravi Gupta, the founding director of Nashville Prep Charter School and an up-and-coming leader on the national scene, recently named one of Forbes' Magazine's "30 Under 30" in Law and Policy. The Fellows had a chance to...

Leadership and Models of Success Drive Education Reform in Newark

In Newark Public Schools, New Jersey’s largest school district, less than 54 percent of students graduate from high school. According to reports from Essex County College, a community college based in Newark, 98 percent of the Newark Public School students who graduate high school and enroll at Essex required remediation in math. The education system in Newark is clearly struggling. Despite these grim statistics, however, there is a renewed sense of hope and optimism for education bubbling in Newark. Education reform-minded leadership at every political level, in addition to promising...

FROM DATA TO ACTION:Supporting Schools to Use Data to Improve Student Outcomes

For the third year in a row, Massachusetts’ fourth and eighth graders have outperformed students from all other states, according to scores on the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) exam. While these results highlight success, a growing number of education leaders recognize that Massachusetts’ strong performance must be viewed as a starting point rather than as an end. "I am pleased that Massachusetts students are once again at the head of the class," said Representative Martha M. Walz (D-Boston), House Chair of the Joint Committee on Education. "Our challenge now is to...