Spotlight: Lauren, Data Fellow at Racine Unified & Higher Expectations

Our partners at Higher Expectations originally posted this story on their website. In 2019, we collaborated with Racine Unified to bring a data fellow from Education Pioneers , a national education leadership development program, into our work. This was one of the first times Education Pioneers placed a fellow in Wisconsin. Our Data Fellow, Lauren Marinoff, closes her year working with us this week so we wanted to take the time to reflect on the great work she has accomplished this year. Education Pioneers identifies high-potential leaders from different sectors early in their careers and...

The Big Picture, New Perspectives, and a Promotion

The UP Education Network is a nonprofit school management organization that oversees in-district school turnaround in Massachusetts. Recruitment of talented, mission-oriented educators is critical for the organization’s success as it works to rapidly transform chronically underperforming district schools. One of the organization’s key leaders in recruiting new talent is Tarah Mohika, who took a manager position with the UP Education Network’s recruitment team in 2013. Tarah’s supervisor at the time, Victoria Lautsch, encouraged her to participate in Education Pioneers’ Visiting Fellowship ...

No One Else Has Your Voice. How to Ensure it’s Heard.

Speaking up in education debates isn’t often easy (or warmly received)–even in writing. It also matters tremendously, especially for those who have voices that are too often underrepresented or ignored. And it turns out that the humble blog can be a critical vehicle to speak up and be heard. In today’s Q&A with Tanya Paperny, managing editor at Bellwether Education Partners, we dive into why blogging matters, why Bellwether hosts trainings for education bloggers, and how all of us writing about education can raise our games.

Growing Next-Generation Leaders from Everywhere

College is a big experience, no matter who you are. But for students from low-income backgrounds, who are often also first-generation college goers, college can feel especially weighty—as it’s essential to launch and grow a successful career. Enter Braven, a nonprofit organization (founded by EP Board Member Aimée Eubanks Davis) that identifies next-generation leaders from underrepresented backgrounds and gives them a leg up on gaining skills and real-world experiences that will enable them to become influential leaders.

Q&A with Chaka Booker, Managing Director, The Broad Residency in Urban Education

Q&A Chaka Booker The Broad Residency
Recently, The Broad Residency was granted accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Today, Chaka Booker, The Residency’s Managing Director, talks with EP on what accreditation means for his organization, what they look for in leaders, and why leadership matters in education.

Kaya Henderson: DC Public Schools’ Unstoppable Leader

Sometimes it's about where you sit. At Education Pioneers' recent 10-Year Anniversary Leadership Summit and Celebration in San Francisco, I had the good luck to sit near DC Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson during the morning welcome. Even more serendipitous was that Education Pioneers' Founder and CEO Scott Morgan asked all 450 attendees to take a moment, find someone near us who we didn't know yet, introduce ourselves, and explain why we were there that day. I jumped at the chance to meet Chancellor Henderson. One of the main reasons that the Chancellor was there that day? Talent...