Pioneer Profile: 10 Questions for our EPic Alum Robert Sepeda

Robert Sepeda serves as Communications Manager, Data and Outreach for Families Empowered. Read more about Robert and his work. 1 | Where did you grow up and what was it like? I grew up in a rural farming town in California’s San Joaquin Valley. You can drive from one end to the other in 10 minutes or less! I spent much of my childhood on my grandfather’s dairy farm and adolescence as a paperboy and outlet mall employee. 2 | What do you like most about where you live now? I love the professional and financial growth opportunities that Houston has provided thanks to its tight-knit education...

Have a Heart: Learning to Lead the Way as a New Manager

From our very first job, managers are a constant presence. The good ones can often help chart our professional course. We look to them for guidance and structure, even empowerment. In fact, managers--and our relationships with them--can set the tone for our work lives in a major way and influence the managers we become ourselves. Good management is crucial in any sector. (Some argue that “ people leave managers, not companies .”) Education is no exception. How employees spend their time can directly affect students and teachers, or work on their behalf--high stakes work. Accountability,...

From Underserved Schools to CEO: How Paris Woods Thrived Against Steep Odds

Paris Woods didn’t have a typical education. To let her tell it, “ I experienced an interesting series of events growing up ,” and that would be saying the least. The journey from kindergarten to high school graduation in St. Louis, Missouri was not a smooth one for Paris. But despite all of the struggles she had to overcome, Paris never let her dream waiver to succeed and to start a nonprofit focused on low-income students.

Q&A with Idrissa Simmonds-Nastili

In this Q&A, EP Alumna Idrissa Simmonds-Nastili, Director of the Pahara Institute’s NextGen Network, talks about growing up with a global perspective that shaped her career trajectory, why diversity in the most senior levels of leadership in education is crucial for excellence and equity in education, and why all education leaders must have a “heart and mind for listening and learning.”

Pioneer Profile: Rey Faustino

Rey Faustino
EP Alumnus Rey Faustino (EP Fellow, 2011) a nominee for the 2015 San Francisco Chronicle’s Visionary of the Year award, talks with EP about seeing the possibility in the eyes of first-generation college students stepping onto a college campus for the first time, the Filipino leader he admires, and how his organization ( One Degree ) is revolutionizing the way low-income families find and access critical poverty-fighting resources.

Pioneer Profile: Lisa Ahn

Lisa Ahn (Graduate School Fellow, 2012)
In last week’s Q and A, Brigitte Marshall, Chief Talent Officer for Oakland Unified School District, raved about EP talent in general and Alumna Lisa Ahn (Graduate School Fellow, 2012) in particular. In this Pioneer Profile, we hear from Lisa herself about growing up in what felt like the center of the world, the books and teachings that have impacted her life, and why she’s committed to working on behalf of young people for the long haul.

Pioneer Profile: Desmond Patton

Desmond Patton, Graduate School Fellow, 2006
In this Pioneer Profile, EP Alumnus Desmond Patton (Graduate School Fellow, 2006), Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan who recently had his research cited by the U.S. Supreme Court , talks about growing up in North Carolina, learning the importance of strong relationships to inspire students' love of learning, and imagining Black youth feeling empowered, loved, and inspired.

Education Pioneers Q&A with Analyst Alumna Vi Nguyen

EP Analyst Alumna Vi Nguyen
Vi Nguyen once thought that her success story was the norm. When she was nine years old, Vi and her family emigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam, and Vi enrolled in Des Moines Public Schools in Iowa as an English-as-a-Second-Language student. With help and guidance from teachers and counselors, Vi thrived and went on to earn a college degree from Yale University. Working as an analyst in the U.S. Congressional Budget Office and researching Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans, Vi realized that her success story was the exception.