ASU+GSV Reflections: EdTech Can Be Both a Disrupter & Equalizer

Frances McLaughlin
The desert winds that blew through last week’s ASU+GSV Summit 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona carried new perspectives and insights on education technology. For me, the most notable was how the viewpoint on technology has shifted even in recent years: from a possible solution to our country’s public education challenges to a critical tool or lever to reshape American education and expand opportunity. And boy, is there excitement and enthusiasm for what that tool, wielded carefully and thoughtfully, could do to change how we think about the process and purpose of education.

What Educators Can Learn From Netflix

What Educators Can Learn from House of Cards
In 2011, Netflix made a reported $100 million bet and bought two full seasons of House of Cards, sight unseen. While Netflix executives hadn’t seen the show, what they had seen was data . Tons of data. Data from 29 million customers about what they wanted to watch. For Netflix, buying House of Cards felt less like a gamble and more like a strategic decision backed by big data.

Alumni Rock Star Round-Up: From Mobile Apps to the World’s Most Innovative Companies, EP Alumni are Transforming Education

Education Pioneers Rock Star Alumni Round-Up
EP Alumni are making powerful change in our country. Among our thriving community of leaders, here are just a few recent, high-profiles successes of pioneers who have been recognized for their innovative and important work on behalf of students. We’re proud to share their accolades.