Talent Matters: Teacher Effectiveness Ignites Exciting Shift in Education

Teachers have the most significant influence on student learning – especially for minority and low-income students. The evidence here is clear. And recently a paradigm shift in the way the education industry evaluates teachers has been taking place. This change aims to measure teachers by the success of their students, rather than predictors of quality such as credentials. Many believe –and hope– this change means teachers will soon be accepted as individual professionals rather than interchangeable pieces in the educational puzzle. According to a recent study, part of the problem is systemic...

Why Diversity Matters

Group of kids sitting on staircase
If you visit one of our country's public school districts, you're far more likely to find a student of color sitting in a classroom than to find a leader of color running that classroom, school, or district. Nationwide, 40% of American students are students of color – a percentage that grows when focusing on large, urban school districts. Yet across the nation, people of color represent only 17% of teachers and principals. A mere 11% of school board members are people of color. And at the highest level of leadership in school districts, just 6% of superintendents are black or Latino.