#ThankATeacher: Pioneers Reflect on Teachers’ Magnificence and How We Can Better Support Teachers’ Work

Today is teacher appreciation day. Few of us would be where we are without at least one (or a dozen) incredible teachers who helped us along the way.

So we’ll wait a second while you note them mentally. Now, don’t forget to give them a shout-out on Twitter, using #ThankATeacher.

Today, in honor of teachers everywhere, we’ve rounded up some of what our Pioneers have said about teachers. Tweet on and share the love:

As one Pioneer said so aptly, when it comes down to preparing kids to thrive in school and in life,

“Without great teachers, nothing else matters.”

“I know that incredible teachers are why Boston Collegiate Charter School has realized tremendous success with our students. In fact, one of our three operational pillars is that without great teachers, nothing else matters.” – Shannah Varón, Executive Director, Boston Collegiate Charter School


And if our Pioneers had magic wands, they’d change how we think about teaching and teachers (and how we pay them):

“I would pay teachers like we pay hedge fund managers and professional athletes.” – Jon Hanover, Founder and Principal, Roots Elementary

“If I had a magic wand, I would give the teaching profession the respect it deserves. Teaching is not only one of the most demanding professions, but requires an exceptional level of knowledge and skill. I wish more people had the perspective that I was raised with—teaching is a profession to aspire to.” – Christie Imholt, Program Manager, Teacher Career Pathways, Denver Public Schools


Because the impact of teachers on our lives is immeasurable…

“I’ll never forget that day. After I talked to my teacher, she went to the school’s office on my behalf and made sure that I was placed in honors classes. I learned the power of advocating for yourself and others. I vowed that I would do for others what my teacher had done for me.” – Erica Mosca, Founder and Executive Director, Leaders in Training


And we have a lot of work to do to support teachers and their incredibly hard work:

“I don’t think everyone ‘gets it.’ I think that people don’t understand the job of an urban educator and the many roles they fill – teacher, therapist, mentor, etc. Many of our communities are under duress and teachers feel like they are blamed for failure and not credited with the vital work they have to do.” – Jacqueline Greer, Executive Director, Urban Teachers DC

“I've worked hard to be the school leader who I wanted to see leading my school when I was a teacher. We run operations as tightly as we can to free up teachers' time to focus on teaching, since time on teaching is the biggest lever for success.

“I ensure that we do everything we can to ‘reward our stars’ and get them to stay at [Boston Collegiate Charter School]: our principal team is relentless in making sure that teachers are growing, whether they are in their first year with us or their fourteenth, and I try to access resources and think creatively to re-envision roles that would be inspiring to teachers.” – Shannah Varón, Executive Director, Boston Collegiate Charter School

“We need to train people in a robust way. We really can't continue to think that teaching, in our hardest-to-serve schools, is something you can either do or not. Any sustainable industry trains their special teams in a robust way. Urban teachers need high-quality tools available constantly.” – Jacqueline Greer, Executive Director, Urban Teachers DC

“Too often, [teachers are] stymied by things that would send most professionals running for the exits: lack of autonomy, an unclear path for professional growth, suboptimal operations and processes that impact their work, and more.

“[…] Teachers have demanding, complicated jobs. Their bosses, and their bosses’ bosses, must be especially skilled and savvy to successfully support them to excel in their work, help them grow professionally, and keep them in the classroom long-term.” – Scott Morgan, Founder & CEO, Education Pioneers


Join EP in helping to unleash the power of teachers by supporting them, helping them grow and excel in their craft, and getting management processes out of their way so that they can focus on teaching.

Please #ThankATeacher, and let’s make it much more than just a once-a-year occurrence.



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