Resources to Find Out What's Happening in the Education Sector


Last week I shared some national education resources but what if you’re excited about opportunities in a specific locations and want to start your local homework now?

Here are some local Education Pioneers directors’ takes on their favorite and most informative educational news sources that help them stay on top of trends and discussions within their communities.


“My favorite method is to set a daily Google alert for several high priority areas (e.g. Boston Public Schools, Boston charter schools, early childhood education in Boston) and review those headlines daily. That said, I do often look at the Bay State Banner and Boston Globe online (you need a subscription for the latter). I also follow a lot of our local organizations on Twitter.” -- Jacqueline Bennett, Director, Partner Engagement for Boston

Additionally, the Boston Globe did a seven part series (Boston. Racism. Image. Reality) that examines Boston’s ongoing struggle with racism and its impact on people of color, specifically those who identify as black, in the city.


“It can be tough to find unbiased and accurate information locally (we’re famous for our windy politics-and that impacts education, too!), so I tend to head to our local NPR station WBEZ for reports on the local education scene from various perspectives.” -- Annie Davis-Korelc, Senior Director, Partner Engagement for Chicago, Kansas City, and Tulsa


Chalkbeat delivers a daily newsletter that highlights urban and rural education issues in Colorado, focusing on K-12 priorities, initiatives, and recent education news from other local media sources (including 9 News, Denver Post, and Fox News). A+ Colorado is an organization that releases frequent reports and has a steady online media presence to push organizations to think critically about data and issues. And the Donnell-Kay Foundation focuses on innovative and progress initiatives across Denver (i.e., blended learning; four day work week in rural communities; diversity, equity, and inclusion).” -- Sara Spanier, Director, Partner Engagement for Denver


“I enjoy what KCUR puts out in Kansas City. Because Kansas City spreads across two states and technically has 14 different public school districts, it can be hard to keep all the news straight.” -- Annie Davis-Korelc


“I like to read the NY/NJ/PA sections of Chalkbeat. I also keep an eye on the education section of the ‘Room for Debate’ opinion column in the New York Times.” -- Hamna Mela, Director, Partner Engagement for New York and New Jersey


“Tulsa is new to me, so I’m still navigating, but it looks like Tulsa World has a good site to gather information; Tulsa Public Radio is also a great resource.” -- Annie Davis-Korelc


“I usually follow Eduwonk (the editor is on our board in DC). I also signed up to get updates from Fritzwire which is a fantastic clearinghouse for education related news. And I just discovered The FOCUS Newswire, which has been an excellent source for me. It is distributed by our charter advocacy group here in DC.” -- Ben Persett, Director, Partner Engagement for Washington, DC

Across the country, the education landscape can be complicated and multi-faceted, but what brings everyone together at the end of the day is a commitment to making a difference for our kids. If you want to be a part of the change and are hungry to use your talents in the education sector, then learn more and apply for the Impact Fellowship.

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