Impact Fellows Are Hungry for a Challenge. Are You?

Impact Fellows are hungry for a challenge. They problem-solve with humility. They are leaders who are ready to learn from other leaders. If this sounds like you (or someone you know), then helping transform a 100-year-old education system might be the best choice for your career.

The Education Pioneers’ Impact Fellowship is a 10 month leadership program for people with backgrounds in data analysis and/or project management. It pushes Fellows to marry their expertise in these skills with their passion for changing systems and partnering with communities. 

Over the course of 10 months, Impact Fellows work in a high-impact, systems-level role at an education organization, receive leadership development through programming, and build community with a cohort of talented peers—plugging into EP’s network of nearly 4,000 Alumni.

Application Deadline is May 16

As an Impact Fellow, you will have an opportunity to accelerate your career in education—or even beyond—as you take steps some people might take many years to achieve. And you’ll simultaneously make an ever-evolving institution stronger and more robust for the children and families it serves.

To give you a clearer picture of just who an EP Fellow is, here is a short list of EP Alumni who are successful, with very different career paths—and who recently took part in webinars we’ve held!

This group perfectly illustrates the beauty of the Impact Fellowship and the cohort experience: Fellows come from all walks of life, build relationships with a network of people who propel their career forward, make varying career choices, and inevitably make the education sector stronger.

Aarti Bhatnagar was a 2014 Fellow in the Bay Area. She worked for EducationSuperHighway as a Data Analyst during her Fellowship and stayed with the organization after her Fellowship. Since then she has been promoted twice - first to Senior District Consultant and recently to her current role as Program Manager.
Dr. Eldrin L. Deas was a 2013 Fellow in Connecticut and worked for the Connecticut Department of Education as an Analyst. Education has been a driving force throughout his career as he earned his PhD and was the first EP Alum to win the Scott Morgan Award in 2016. He is now a Consultant for Public Impact, an education consulting firm.
Melvin Freeman was a 2013 Fellow in Washington, DC, where he worked for the Next Step Public Charter School as a Data Manager during his Fellowship. After his Fellowship, he used his robust network to find his next opportunity and is now the Director of Data Strategy for KIPP DC, a charter school network.
Rashard Green was a 2016 Fellow in Washington, DC, working for the Walton Family Foundation as a Financial Analyst. Afterward, he decided to pursue his leadership further and is now an MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School.
Denise Hwang was a 2011 Fellow in Los Angeles who worked for KIPP LA, a charter school network, as a Financial Analyst. After the Fellowship, she worked as a Program Associate at a foundation to better understand how funder gifts were made to schools, and ultimately felt drawn to school-based work. Currently, she is the Administrator of Strategic Projects for San Jose Unified School District.

If any of the above career paths excite or inspire you, feel free to reach out to me ahead of the deadline. Want to ensure you ace your app? Check out these great EP application resources, from Carrie on our admissions team!


Jamie Smith McCarthy is the Regional Recruitment Manager for Boston, New York, and Chicago. In this role, she engages with talented Education Pioneers candidates to build a robust education movement.

Jamie came to Education Pioneers and the human capital arena after realizing that no amount of praise would help her students internalize that they were leaders if they didn’t see people in leadership roles to which they could relate.


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