On a typical day the work of our Alums and Fellows is behind the scenes supporting teachers and students in the classroom. COVID-19 has thrust their work into the spotlight: managing a district’s move to digital learning, coordinating how to still get kids their lunches, and more. 

This crisis has laid bare the opportunity gap that remains a reality for too many kids and communities. The choices education leaders make now can combat or exacerbate those inequities. Now is the time to invest in adaptive, inclusive, and equity-focused leaders — those are the leaders EP develops through our fellowships. 

As a leadership development organization we believe it’s important to carry on with our work of developing future leaders while continuing to address the immediate needs of kids and communities.

A gift from you gives talented professionals a pathway into education. Our Pioneers — Alums, current Fellows, and future Fellows — have the skills and mindsets to not only pursue solutions for the current crisis, but also lead the essential work of reopening schools in the future.

We're proud to share these examples: 


EP Alum Larry Nguyen is leading equity-focused work to ensure the city's multilingual learners and their families have access to resources that enable them to successfully engage in remote learning. Larry works closely with EP Alum, Anna Remenschneider, Chief of Staff of the Division of Multilingual Learners.

Larry Nguyen is the Executive Director of Family and Community Partnerships at the New York City Department of Education’s Division of Multilingual Learners.


EP Fellow Kira Morin has pivoted her analytics work for Shelby County Schools to review student online learning data to discover how many students they’re reaching and help inform where additional supports may be necessary. Leadership at the district uses her data insights to strategize around remote summer school options. 

Kira and her colleagues are also using this as an opportunity to reflect on their current data practices and build additional reporting capacity into their standard resources. 

Kira Morin is a current EP Impact Fellow at Shelby County Schools. 


From Oakland Unified School District to Chicago Public Schools and other government entities, new Summer Fellows starting in June will serve school districts and support organizations in key roles including post-COVID Task Forces that will develop the plan to reopen hundreds of schools and return thousands of employees and students to school next year. 

The Task Force will address key priorities including health protocols, instruction, budgeting, supply chain, social-emotional wellness, and more. 

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