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Want to make your mark in education? Join EP.

At EP, a national nonprofit, we bridge the talent gap in K-12 public education. We do this by connecting hundreds of leaders each year to new roles in education, and to new knowledge and connections through our Fellowship and learning programs.


We scout the nation to find talented graduate students and professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.


EP connects Pioneers with Partner organizations in K-12 education, including school districts, charter schools, and more.


EP provides our Pioneers and Partners with connections to leadership development and a powerful network.

The EP Fellowship connects Fellows with roles across the education sector in data and analysis, fundraising, human resources, and more so that they can use their skills and career to make a lasting impact toward transforming education. From our nation’s largest school districts and charter schools to nonprofits and government agencies, we support over 200 education organizations. Learn more about what we do.

Why choose EP? Easy.

Working at EP and in support of our Fellows and education organizations, you have the opportunity to reach and serve millions of students. No other nonprofit supports talent outside the classroom at the scale that we do.

Bottom line: This work is about justice, equity, passion, and transformation. We’re betting on great people to make the change that underserved students need and deserve.

Join us.

Commitment to Diversity

At EP, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that it’s critical for education leaders to reflect the diverse communities we serve. We support equal opportunity for all people and we strongly encourage people of color to apply for positions in our organization and for our programs.It’s going to take all of us, working together, to reimagine public education for underserved students--who are too often students from low-income families and students of color.

#WeAreEP: Our Team

At EP, our culture is built on seven core values. Among them, we believe that we must have the optimism, guts, and will to make dramatic change for underserved kids. To find meaningful solutions, our work must be guided by prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our team is made up of former teachers and school leaders, lawyers and CPAs, program managers, consultants, executive directors, financial analysts, and more. (And not to brag, but we’re also the kind of people you’d want to hang out with off the clock too.)

We come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and we know that diversity makes our team strong.

What unites us all is one fundamental belief: we can and must achieve extraordinary results for underserved students. 


Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing


Executive Director, Regional Growth


Associate Director, Learning Programs





Associate Director, Fellowship Recruitment and Outreach


Operations Associate, Emerging Markets



What it's like to work at EP

At EP, we work hard and play hard.  

Across the country, we work in both EP offices and virtual home offices.

Being virtual allows our team to have flexibility at work, which is a good thing when you’re, well, human. We want you to be able to do your best work, however that looks. We work with team members to support work/life balance, while also pushing work forward and getting things done.

To support our virtual culture, we use Skype, Google Docs, and our intranet (we call him Walter; we’ll introduce you) to help us collaborate.

Through Town Hall meetings, virtual coffee chats, affinity groups, planned and impromptu lunches and after-work happy hours, we connect with each other across time zones.

Once a year, we all get together for an all-staff retreat where we learn, play, and grow and forge connections in-person. There, you’ll find us Zumba-ing to Beyonce at sunrise or running miles with our team marathoners before we dive into professional development, workshops, and celebrate our successes.


Team Overviews

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Board of Directors

  • EP’s Board of Directors is a diverse group of leaders tasked with supporting and championing the ongoing growth and development of Education Pioneers. With backgrounds in industries, including business, nonprofit management, and education -- including as EP Alumni -- the EP board acts as thought- and accountability partners for EP’s long-term strategy and short-term performance. They meet quarterly to provide guidance and insight.

National Leadership Team

  • In collaboration with the Board of Directors, EP’s National Leadership Team (NLT) is responsible for making strategic decisions and setting the trajectory of EP nationwide. Uniting every department, the NLT brings together executive directors, vice presidents, and chief-level staff each month to discuss organization-wide goals, progress, and strategy. Collectively, they ensure that every team and staff member have the information and support they need to work on behalf of students at EP.
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External Relations

Marketing and Communications

  • Storytellers at heart, the Marketing and Communications team is responsible for sharing the what and the why of Education Pioneers' impact. By finding and telling stories of leaders and managers who do transformational work on behalf of students, the MarComm team inspires people to participate and partner with EP. They design a vibrant brand online, on paper, and in-person that makes every network member proud to be a Pioneer. Team Location(s): Nationwide

National Development

  • The National Development team (NDT) is responsible for raising nearly $10 million each year so that EP can run and launch programs, innovate, and ultimately impact education for underserved students. Working closely with regional team leads as well as external donors like foundations and individual philanthropists, NDT team members are relationship builders and operational thinkers who make sure that EP is sustainable over time. Team Location(s): Nationwide
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Operations, Data, and Technology

IT & Systems Operations

  • The Information Technology & Systems Operations (ITSO) Team ensures Education Pioneers operates with excellence nationwide and has the infrastructure, technical support, and user experience focus the organization needs to succeed. ITSO focuses on technology strategic planning, business process improvements, project management, and human-centered design to keep us running. With ITSO’s support, EP operates with excellence nationwide so our team can concentrate on making an impact. Team Location(s): Oakland, CA

Evaluation and Learning

  • The Evaluation & Learning (E&L) team is the knowledge management and data hub of EP. They derive insights from analytics, measure our impact, and ensure that team members have the data they need to make sound decisions. E&L believes that data science and education leadership can drive sector transformation, and aspire for EP to be at the center of the data-driven storytelling in education. Team Location(s): Portland, Oregon and Oakland, CA


  • “Team Finance” ensures top-notch service across Education Pioneers when it comes to all financial operations – including expenses, payroll, financial reporting, and more. Knowing that there’s no mission without margin, the finance team works with all EP teams to ensure decision makers have the financial information they need to make the best decisions on behalf of EP and the communities we serve. Team Location(s): Portland, Maine
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People Development

Career Advancement

  • The Career Advancement team is responsible for growing the people in the EP network, especially our Alumni, to become influential leaders in their organizations and across the education sector. They create professional development and learning opportunities and connect the wider EP network.Career Advancement makes sure that not only do new leaders enter education, but that they feel inspired and prepared to stay in education. Team Location(s):Oakland, CA and NYC

Human Assets

  • The Human Assets team is charged with making EP a great place to work. In their work, they find, develop, and engage an exceptional, diverse, and inclusive team of 70+ colleagues nationwide. Human Assets drive EP’s human capital strategy, keeping our organization thriving so that our team, and in turn our Pioneers, can make the maximum impact for all students. Team Location(s): Nationwide

Learning Programs

  • As a group of adult learning experts, the Learning Programs team makes sure that incoming EP Fellows have the experiences and resources they need to succeed in new roles across education. They design, develop, and deliver in-person and virtual experiences (like workshops and convenings) that bring Pioneers together to learn and connect with each other. With Learning Programs’ support and expertise, more than 500 new Fellows each year cultivate mindsets and skills to make a difference for students and families. Team Location(s): Nationwide
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Regional Teams


  • EP’s regional teams do the important work of connecting education organization partners with the talent they need on-the-ground. First, they work with organizations to identify where and how new and diverse talent can help them achieve their organizational goals. Then they support matching talent from across the country with those open roles, to begin their Fellowships. The work of each regional team ensures that EP gets closer, every day, to achieving our vision of 10,000 Pioneers working across education.

Eastern Region

  • The Eastern Region team works on behalf of students and education organizations in the Northeast, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Emerging Markets

  • Nicknamed the “Awesome Cities Team,” the Emerging Markets regional team manages EP’s growth in some of our newest locations and fastest-growing markets: Colorado, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas. Team Location(s): New Orleans, LA, Memphis, TN, Denver, CO and Houston, TX

Midwest / DC Region

  • Combining our Washington, DC and Midwest-focused teams, the Midwest/DC region serves the students and communities in our nation’s capital, Chicago, and the greater midwest. Team Location(s): Chicago, IL and Washington, DC

Western Region

  • Based in California where EP was founded, the Western Region team serves organizations and students in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles.
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Strategic Talent Solutions


  • Strategic Talent Solutions (STS) is a collaborative of Education Pioneers’ teams that ensures EP finds the right people to go to the right places in service of students and families. In support of the Education Pioneers Fellowship program, they recruit, admit, and match talent with opportunities to bring their skills and experience to education organizations in 20+ cities across the country. This department also oversees overall product strategy and related analytics, so EP knows how we are scaling and impacting the talent pipeline in education -- working towards 10,000 leaders working at all levels in education.


  • The Fellowship Recruitment team develops and implements Education Pioneers’ recruitment strategy to ensure we find exceptional people from diverse personal and professional backgrounds who serve our partner education organizations as Fellows. As some of EP’s biggest champions, Fellowship Recruitment builds the relationships and processes needed to inspire thousands of potential Pioneers across sectors each year. This includes crafting recruitment campaigns and building a series of partnerships to bring a diverse group of leaders with strong skill-sets to EP. Team Location(s): Nationwide


  • The Fellowship Admissions team develops and implements Education Pioneers’ selection strategy to ensure we admit exceptional people from diverse personal and professional backgrounds who serve our partner education organizations as Fellows. Fellowship Admissions builds the processes needed to access and place Pioneers across sectors each year. This includes running group interviews and engaging with potential fellows throughout the interview process. Because of their efforts, EP staff -- and as a result, hiring managers at education organizations nationwide -- have access to the Fellows and leaders they need to impact the education sector for students. Team Location(s): Nationwide

Strategy, Product, and Analytics

  • The Strategy, Products, and Analytics team (nicknamed “SPA”) is responsible for developing and growing a portfolio of programs and products to connect EP talent with our education organization Partners. The SPA team asks big strategic questions about EP’s program model and ensures that EP takes the necessary steps to innovate and execute. 

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Working in education is tough and incredibly fulfilling. Beyond that, our EP team also receives benefits like:

  • Health, vision and dental insurance, as well as pre-tax health and child care spending accounts

  • Flexible working arrangements, allowing you to balance work/life

  • A minimum of 15 sick/vacation days, 10 holidays, and your birthday off each year

  • Dedicated professional development funds, plus ample advancement opportunities

  • A growing, collaborative, and fun-loving EP family and opportunities for travel (and you can keep your miles!)


Open Positions

EP is growing rapidly, in both size and impact -- and we're hiring for a variety of roles.

Ready to make your mark? Join our team and help transform education for underserved students.