There is no overstating it: New York City is a global capital for culture, finance, and people. New York’s harbor has long been the gateway to America, so many get their start here – in life, in school, and in careers – with so much to do and learn.

Education Pioneers’ work in New York is focused in New York City, with some fellows having the chance to do work at the state level in Albany.

Supported by strong per-pupil funding, the state has been a reform leader. True to character, New York City has also faced up to the challenge of educating more than a million students – more than any other district in the country – from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic levels.

After many years of closing and replacing failing schools, today the city is adding other innovative solutions, including a significant expansion of pre-K. Meanwhile, Silicon Alley hosts an increasing number of education technology startups. They join national nonprofits and large education philanthropies in calling the Big Apple home.


Education Pioneers has been working in New York since 2006 to supply local organizations with the talented people they need to achieve their goals.

  • 77 Graduate School Fellows and 6 Analyst Fellows placed here in 2014
  • 30 partner organizations, including New York City Department of Education, charter school management organizations Achievement First and Uncommon Schools, school turnaround firm Turnaround for Children, and technology developer Amplify.
  • EP Fellows in New York work on strategic projects that make a difference: redesigning the principals’ Web portal for the New York City Department of Education, laying the regulatory groundwork for charter network Achievement First’s expansion into Rhode Island, and facilitating a seamless renovation and move for one of Uncommon Schools’ campuses, and more.
  • Several of EP’s New York-based alumni have remained to contribute to this city/region on an ongoing basis, including 2009 Graduate School Fellow Anne Eidelman, Vice President of Finance and Human Resources for Uncommon Schools; 2010 Graduate School Fellow Yael Kalban, Acting Executive Director, Portfolio Planning for the New York City Department of Education; and 2012 Graduate School Fellow Robin Reid, Senior Producer, Digital for Amplify.  

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