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Denver is not only a “Mile High City”; it’s also one of the fastest growing cities in the county. The area has a thriving economy, and offers both the perks of urban living as well as many outdoor adventures.

Education Pioneers’ work here is concentrated in Denver and the nearby community of Aurora.

As in Colorado overall, Denver’s public schools serve many low-income students, and struggle with low high school graduation rates. But the state and its capital city have embraced change. Here, businesses and philanthropies partner with educators and legislators to transform the system. With an early, successful pay-for-performance system for teachers, Denver emphasizes “Empowering Effective Educators.” The district is also looking toward its future, closing failing schools and opening new options.

Denver is a reform-friendly city, with many high-performing charter schools, new education technology startups, and active advocacy organizations. These efforts are increasing achievement and enticing families – and professionals – back to Denver.


Education Pioneers officially launched in Denver in 2014 to supply local organizations with the talented people they need to achieve their goals.

  • 11 partner organizations, including Denver Public Schools, charter school management organization DSST Public Schools, venture philanthropy Charter School Growth Fund, and advocacy organization RISE Colorado.
  • EP Fellows in the Denver area work on strategic projects that make a difference, including: creating tools and coaching to support a data-driven culture in Denver Public Schools, bringing cutting-edge technology into teaching at DSST Public Schools, developing an expansion plan for a charter school facilities fund at Charter School Growth Fund, and overseeing school-support operations for Strive Prep.
  • Several EP alumni are contributing to the Denver region’s education work, including 2006 Fellow Richard Billings, now Chief Financial and Operating Officer at the Charter School Growth Fund, and 2013 Fellow Mark Muenchau, now Data Culture Coordinator at Denver Public Schools.

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