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The Power of Our Network

Creating a pipeline of leadership and management talent to scale promising initiatives, supporting these leaders to launch impactful education leadership careers, and connecting organizations across the education sector to foster collaboration and accelerate student success: that's the power of Education Pioneers' network.

At Education Pioneers, we don't believe that any one theory, policy, or organization is going to transform American schools singlehandedly, which is why we're building a network of leaders across the entire education system to scale promising initiatives, and connecting diverse education organizations to share and accelerate successful teaching and learning practices.

Education Pioneers' more than 180 Partners span the education industry and are making great strides on the behalf of students.  By providing our Partners with top talent and connecting them to our human capital network and other successful education organizations, we enable our Partners to deepen their impact on students.

Moreover, to transform education into the best led and managed sector in the U.S., Education Pioneers has a bold vision to recruit 10,000 leaders, managers, and analysts by 2023.  The Education Pioneers network closes the talent gap in education leadership, facilitates knowledge sharing across the education sector, opens doors for Alumni who are launching permanent education leadership careers, and connects our Partners with the human capital they need to fill full-time roles to transform our nation's education system.

To succeed, no one can go it alone.  Join us: become an Education Pioneers Fellow, Partner or Investor.

High Caliber Talent: Our Alumni

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Download our 2012 Fellows Yearbook by region:

A special thank you to the MetLife Foundation for their generous support for the creation of our 2012 Fellows Yearbook.

Whether it's managing a $600,000 charter school facility renovation, conducting teacher retention analysis, developing strategic plans and curriculum, or performing financial and student achievement data analyses, Education Pioneers' Fellows and Alumni drive significant change across the education sector.  More than 70% of our Alumni work in education following graduation, and more than half of these leaders didn't work in education prior to graduate school.

Featured Alumni

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High Impact Organizations: Our Partners

Education Pioneers partners with over 180 leading education organizations across the education sector nationwide.  Our Partners are making great strides on behalf of all students, and they are also committed to developing diverse, talented leaders to transform education.

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