Looking for mighty managerial opportunity?

Our nation’s students need leaders and managers like you to transform education.

Among the school-based factors that affect student learning, leadership is second only to classroom instruction.

Education leaders shape the student experience. They manage enormous budgets, navigate complicated work rules, and supervise diverse teams – all in pursuit of a high-stakes goal: preparing all students for success in life.

This work is incredibly challenging. It’s also more meaningful than you can imagine.

To date, the 2,500+ Education Pioneers leaders who have gone through our programs have contributed over 1 million hours to the work of hundreds of education organizations. In turn, they have affected the lives of millions of students nationwide – and many continue to do so year after year, with more than 70% of our working leaders in education careers today. Learn more about the work and impact on students of our current 2,500+ alumni.

Sound like a challenge you’re ready to take on? Learn more about how you can launch a meaningful career in education leadership and management.

Graduate School Fellowship

Education needs top leaders and managers to support excellent teaching and learning. The Graduate School Fellowship is an entry point into education leadership and management careers for top graduate students, over the course of a summer or a full-year placement.

Analyst Fellowship

Education needs data-driven leaders who can evaluate programs, interpret student data, and make informed recommendations for action. The Analyst Fellowship is an opportunity to explore or advance an analytic career in education, over the course of a 10-month placement.