Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

EP's programs run on a fixed schedule, but it’s never too early to start a conversation about your short- or long-term needs. 

Define Your Needs

No matter the size or scope of what you need, Education Pioneers will work with you to identify and meet your talent needs to get the job done.

To date, we have supplied 200+ organizations with over 2,500 leaders who have tackled projects across departments and functions. Read more about a selection of the projects our leaders have taken on in our partner spotlights. Education Pioneers provides talent who can:

  • Lead and support school districts’ student services initiatives, teacher professional development, compliance systems, and more.
    Meet the Achievement School District
  • Lead and support charter management organizations’ curriculum planning, teacher professional development, home office operations, and more. 
    Meet Aspire Public Schools
  • Lead and support education nonprofits’ financial systems, communications strategies, development campaigns, and more.
    Meet Teach For America
  • Lead and support education think tanks’ policy briefs, research, communications campaigns, and more.
    Meet The Education Trust
  • Lead and support government agencies’ performance planning, grant review procedures, data analysis, communication campaigns, and more.
    Meet the U.S. Department of Education

Start a Conversation

Ready to explore a partnership with Education Pioneers? Reach out to your local EP contact or submit a partnership application, and we'll be happy to discuss how we can find you the talent you need.


Projects and Roles

  • I don’t typically think in terms of short-term talent needs. What does a typical project look like? If you have work that you don’t currently have the capacity or expertise to take on, then you have a project. Our Fellows tackle needs in numerous functional areas, including education, finance, operations, IT, and human resources. Fellows are with you full time for the term of the Fellowship – unlike hiring a typical consultant – so you are also able to pull them into other projects that come up.
  • I have needs on our finance and operations team. Are all of the projects typically related to academics or curriculum? No. In fact, only about 15% of our projects are focused on academics, curriculum, instruction, or school administration. The rest require expertise in a variety of different functions, from human resources, to marketing and communications, to finance, to operations. EP draws from the nation’s best graduate programs in business, policy, education, and law, as well as top-tier private sector firms like Deloitte and PwC, so we will likely have the talent you need, regardless of your requirements.
  • My project will require working directly with teachers and school administrators, so I need someone who has credibility in a school setting. Do any of your Fellows have prior education experience? Yes. In 2014, nearly half of our applicants came with prior experience in education. Most of those applicants are former classroom teachers or school leaders. Other candidates with education experience worked in direct service or program delivery roles for organizations like City Year or Citizen Schools.
  • The role we need to fill is a permanent, full-time position – not a specific project. Does EP help source talent for full-time roles? Yes. We help partners fill full-time roles in two ways:
    • Many partners utilize our Fellowship programs as a way to preview top talent for full-time management and leadership positions – and because many Fellows (more than half in 2014) are looking for an on-ramp into a full-time position, this is a great way to find a permanent hire. If your role is new or grant-funded, it may not make sense to hire a full-time hire right away – but Fellows are a great solution.
    • If you are hiring a more senior role, or you want someone who has already completed an Education Pioneers Fellowship, you can access our Alumni network through our online community, The Exchange, or EP can conduct the search on your behalf.
  • What happens if we miss your program cycle? While our Fellowship programs currently run on a fixed cycle (starting in either June or September), we place talent in short- and long-term roles throughout the year. If you have a role that needs to be filled now, reach out to, and we'll work with you to find the right talent. If you want to be sure you are ready for a Fellow when the next program cycle begins, join EP’s mailing list, and we’ll reach out with more information.

Recruitment and Placement

  • What is the process you go through to recruit and select candidates before I see them? Before we share a candidate with you, you can rest assured that he or she has been thoroughly vetted – that’s how we get from 7,000 applicants to fewer than 600 Education Pioneers. All EP candidates complete a rigorous, four-stage selection process. You can learn more about this process specifically for Graduate School Fellows or Analyst Fellows. Only after a candidate has successfully completed this application process that we will recommend him or her for a placement with your organization.
  • When am I likely to know who I will be interviewing? We recommend candidates based in part on when you submit your role to us. For our typical Fellowship programs, we recommend candidates for interviews on a rolling basis within these timeframes:
    • Graduate School Fellowship: February – June
    • Analyst Fellowship: June – September

    Submit your project early to ensure you have access to the largest talent pool possible.