What We Do

Our Programs

Through our Fellowship programs and Alumni services, Education Pioneers attracts talent at critical career junctures, prepares them for leadership careers in education, and advances them along a path to drive the most impact for students.

We partner with more than 180 leading education organizations in 20 cities nationwide to ensure that they have the right people with the right skill sets to advance and scale their most promising results and initiatives. We work specifically with Partners that run systems of schools that serve a large number of students, such as school districts or charter school management organizations.

Education Pioneers provides a high-quality pipeline of talent through our suite of Fellowship programs and Alumni services to support our Partners in meeting their short-term and long-term talent needs. Education Pioneers plays a unique role in providing our Partners with the leaders, managers, and analysts who have the skills and experience they need but often do not have the capacity to recruit, train, and develop on their own.

Education Pioneers attracts, prepares, and advances top graduate students and early career professionals who believe that all children can achieve at high levels; who possess a relentless drive to achieve results; who are representative in race and class of the communities they serve; who are committed to Education Pioneers' core values of courage, optimism, collaboration, and action; and who have experience in finance, strategy, marketing, operations, human resources, curriculum design, policy analysis, or law.

Graduate School Fellowship

Through the Graduate School Fellowship (with both 10-week summer and yearlong placement options), Education Pioneers selects top business, law, policy, and education graduate students and recent graduates from our nation's best universities - including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale - and places them with Partner organizations to advance or complete strategic initiatives in an accelerated, 10-week timeframe or over the course of one year.  With an acceptance rate of just over 10%, Fellowship admission is selective and competitive.

During their Fellowships, Graduate School Fellows have conducted teacher retention analysis and created a teacher retention strategy for Oakland Unified School District; developed a strategic plan for alumni engagement for Teach For America; developed middle school literacy curriculum for Heads Up; and conducted a risk analysis for New York's Fund for Public Schools.

In addition, Education Pioneers equips Fellows for permanent education leadership careers with full-day professional development sessions where Fellows learn directly from industry leaders, connect with a diverse peer group, and optimize their skills in the context of K-12 urban education. 

Analyst Fellowship

To meet the demand for highly skilled analytic talent, Education Pioneers launched the Analyst Fellowship in 2010 to provide Partner organizations with 10 months of full-time work from trained analysts.  Education organizations constantly face a shortage of analytic and project management talent needed to conduct financial analyses, strategic planning, data management, and student achievement analyses, and the Analyst Fellowship helps fill this talent gap.

Through the Analyst Fellowship, Education Pioneers identifies early career professionals who have work experience with top-tier private sector firms - including Bain and Company, Goldman Sachs, and Deloitte Consulting - and the technical skills to analyze academic, financial, and operational data. 

During the 10-month Analyst Fellowship, Analyst Fellows drive data-based decisions for Partner organizations, and participate in professional development workshops to optimize their skills in the context of K-12 education.

Alumni Services (Activate ED Exchange and Job Board)

Education Pioneers works to ensure that our Alumni remain in education leadership careers, and we help Partners fill key, full-time roles with top talent from our robust Alumni network.

Education Pioneers' suite of Alumni Services supports our Alumni to launch permanent education leadership careers.  With career services that include industry workshops, career consultation and coaching, and direct pathways to Partner organizations, we help Alumni advance successful, high-impact careers across the education spectrum and accelerate professional growth.

Education Pioneers' Partners have access to our robust, nationwide network of Alumni to fill important leadership roles.  In addition, Education Pioneers facilitates the scaling of successful reforms and sharing of best practices by offering our Partners ongoing opportunities to connect with individuals and collaborate with other Partner organizations through networking and community building events. 

Education Pioneers believes it is critical for leaders in urban education to reflect the communities they serve, and we actively recruit people of color for our Fellowships.  We support equal opportunity for all people and strongly encourage people of color to apply to our Fellowships.