ALL kids can achieve and I have made it my personal responsibility to ensure that all projects I work on, or in collaboration with, take the time to think deeply about the real inclusion of ALL students and the long-term implications of our work.

Prior to working in education, Jessica Davis managed retail fuel operations for a private sector company in Texas and earned over $10 million in product revenue in one fiscal year. While she had a successful career, she wanted to use her business expertise and project management skills in education.

Through the EP Fellowship, Jessica found her path into education. And she remembers a life-changing moment during Fellowship programming when another EP Fellow used the word “gumption” to describe her leadership. That day, Jessica resolved to “shake up” comfortable education systems by using strong accountability and data-driven plans.

As someone new to working in education, Jessica was uncertain about how traditional education leaders might perceive her. But she was determined to make an impact. “Fortunately for me, I had enough gumption to persevere and a network of Ed Pioneers to surround me with ‘yes we can,’ action-oriented attitudes.” Over time, Jessica saw the transparent, transformative solutions she created gain traction with key stakeholders.

  • Program & Project Management

As a EP Fellow in Memphis, TN, Jessica applied her operational and analytical skills to refine, develop, and implement the Achievement School District’s (ASD) first Special Education funding allocation plan. She focused on serving students with disabilities by leading work to ensure that the district’s highest-needs students received the financial support they needed to thrive in school. Jessica also created a “Special Education Finance 101” guide for district teachers, special education coordinators and principals to focus more on providing services for students with disabilities.

As a result of her work, the ASD’s Board of Charter Operators approved and implemented the equitable funding formula for the 2015-16 school year, allocating $3 million of federal funding to provide more services and support to schools serving students with the most expensive needs.

Currently, Jessica serves as as project manager for the Dallas Independent School District, where she manages complex project plans and implementation, including education technology, reporting systems, and records management.

Jessica was a semifinalist for 2016 EPic Alumni recognition.