EP Fellowships provide exceptional professionals with stepping stones into education leadership careers that solve problems outside the classroom so that teachers and students can succeed inside the classroom. 

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Education Pioneers opened doors to opportunities for high-impact, meaningful work.

Mark Cheng, Director of Data Management, Democracy Prep Public Schools, 2011 Education Pioneers Fellow

Find Your Path to Impact

Many people want to improve education for our nation’s children. But it can be difficult to know where you can make an impact outside of being a teacher or a principal.

Since 2003, Education Pioneers has paved the path for more than 3,000 new leaders in education. We launch and advance careers of professionals who are eager to use their existing experience in our priority areas of data and analysis, operations, strategy, and project management to make a difference for students and families from outside the classroom.

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The Fellowship will help you:



Build on your existing skills and access summer and long-term roles that create needle-moving solutions for education organizations.



Gain exposure to the issues, policies, and politics that are critical for a transformational career in education.



Form deep bonds within a diverse local cohort and nationwide network united by a shared passion for transforming education.

Are you looking for a summer opportunity?

The EP Summer Fellowship is a 10-week summer experience that lays the foundation you need to become a lifelong leader in education.
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Are you looking for a long-term or full-time opportunity?

The career track will be evolving to better serve aspiring changemakers. This opportunity will continue to be an on-ramp to meaningful full-time jobs and long-term roles at leading organizations throughout the education sector. 
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Why Lead in Education?

Education is a $600 billion industry that employs 13 million people and our nation’s second largest workforce—teachers.

With a sector so large, the demand for exceptional leaders is greater than ever.

Leaders in education shape the experience of teachers and students in the classroom. They manage enormous budgets, find solutions to complex problems, and supervise diverse teams—all in the pursuit of a high-stakes goal: preparing all students for success in life. It’s challenging work, but also more meaningful than you can imagine. Learn more about the impact of Pioneers in education.