Summer Track

The Fellowship’s summer track previews the impact you could make in the education sector over 10 fast-paced weeks and lays the foundation you need to become a lifelong leader.

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The Fellowship helped me bring my skills and passion together to expand education opportunities for all students.

Gabrielle Ramos, Executive Director of Student Enrollment, Newark Public Schools, 2011 Education Pioneers Fellow

Summer Track Features

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LEAD: 10 Week Placement (June – August)

Find your path with EP. The summer track connects Fellows with a high-impact placement opportunity at a leading education organization, where they support and lead critical work over 10 weeks. This is a chance to preview what full-time work in the education sector can look like—and the role you could play throughout your career.

What You'll Do

  • Ten weeks fly by, so there’s not a minute to waste. You’re matched with a placement opportunity based on your history of experience and the skills our partner organizations need – so you can jump right in and make an immediate impact. The projects Fellows tackle are diverse. 

Where You'll Work

  • EP places Fellows at 200 partner organizations located in 20 cities across the country. As a Fellow, you’ll be matched with a school district, charter management organization, nonprofit, government agency, or another organization committed to transforming education for all students. Within your specific partner organization, you’ll work directly with your supervisor and colleagues – becoming part of their team and family.  Learn more about where we work. 

The Impact You'll Make

  • No matter what your specific project or your partner organization, you will make a difference for students and families. There is no more meaningful way to spend your summer. You’ll help a partner organization make critical progress towards their mission, expand their reach, or tackle other important work they couldn’t take on otherwise. Learn more about EP's impact nationwide.
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LEARN: Leadership Development

Immerse yourself in learning. Fellows participate in regular leadership development workshops and other learning opportunities throughout the summer. Develop the skills, mindsets, and K-12 knowledge you need to become a leader in education.

What You’ll Learn

  • EP offers a seven-part workshop series that exposes you to topics and perspectives that define today’s education landscape, like the opportunity gap, education technology, portfolio strategy, and human capital. You will hear directly from prominent education leaders who serve as guest speakers, dive into case studies, and put yourself in the shoes of critical stakeholders throughout the education sector.

How You’ll Grow

  • Learning happens throughout the summer EP workshops, in Fellow-driven events, and beyond. At the end of the summer, you’ll better understand what it takes to thrive as a leader in education, and have the foundation to follow the education leadership career path you choose.
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CONNECT: A Network for Summer & Beyond

An EP Fellowship is far more than just a summer internship. We build the connections that will expand your personal and professional network, expose you to new ways of thinking, and ultimately launch a high-impact career.

Who You'll Meet

  • The cohort experience is the hallmark of the EP Fellowship. You’ll join programming alongside a diverse local cohort of talented peers which might include former teachers, consultants, policymakers, and more. Some will have backgrounds in education and others won’t. All of our leaders bring unique, valuable perspectives and experiences to the conversation.

The Network You'll Gain

  • Your EP experience may only last for the summer, but you'll be a Pioneer for life. Our 3,000+ Pioneers are making an impact for more than 3.5 million students nationwide - and you'll get lifelong access to this group of change agents who can give you career advice, share best practices, connect you with long-term roles, and more. There's no better network to have at your disposal as you launch a high-impact career in education.
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Summer Stipend

The 10-week summer placement offers a $7,200 stipend.


Make Your Mark

The summer track might be right for you if...

  • You're a current graduate student seeking a meaningful summer experience.
  • You're entering graduate school in the fall and want to get diverse pre-graduate school experience.
  • You’re a professional looking to explore the education space and make a career transition with a short-term opportunity.

Looking for a full-time job or long-term role? Learn more about the career track.

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