From 2003 - 2015, Education Pioneers’ Graduate School Fellowship offered exceptional, diverse leaders with graduate-level training an opportunity to lead important education work.

Short-term opportunities to impact education during the summer are now part of the Education Pioneers Fellowship's summer track.

Fellowship Features

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Meaningful Full-Time Work

EP connected Graduate School Fellows with full-time consulting role where their business, education, law, or policy expertise made an impact for a leading education organization and for students. This Fellowship previously offered 10-week summer and yearlong placements.

Fellows used the skills they’ve cultivated through previous work experience and coursework to fill a critical need for an education organization. No matter what the project, the work helped organizations advance their missions, plan for growth, or tackle other important work they couldn’t take on otherwise.

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Professional Development with Diverse Cohorts

The Graduate School Fellowship included a seven-part workshop series with a powerful learning curriculum that exposed Fellows to new fields of thought and engaged the diverse backgrounds of our pioneers. Nearly all Fellows cited the cohort as one of their favorite aspects of the EP experience.

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The Education Pioneers Network

Graduate School Fellows joined EP’s robust Alumni network immediately following the completion of their program. We prepare our Alumni for permanent leadership and management education careers. As part of our nationwide network of 3,000+ leaders, EP leaders grow their networks exponentially and get connected to permanent opportunities post-Fellowship.