Your Network

Fellowship Experience

An Education Pioneers Fellowship is more than just a job. It's an experience that inspires and prepares you to solve problems from outside the classroom, so students and teachers can succeed inside the classroom.


CONNECT: Your Network

EP’s greatest asset is our people.

The connections you’ll build as a Pioneer begin with your local cohort, the hallmark of the EP Fellowship. You’ll join programming alongside a diverse local cohort of talented peers, which might include former consultants, policymakers, teachers and more. Some will have backgrounds in education and others won’t. All of our leaders bring a deep commitment to education and will have unique, valuable perspectives and experiences to add to the conversation.

Your connections don’t stop there. You’ll have lifelong access to more than 3,500+ Pioneers who are making an impact for more than 3.5 million students nationwide. Over 70% of our working Alumni are employed in education, at all levels and across the sector and country. Through online networks and local in-person events, you’ll have the chance to tap these change agents for career advice, best practices, and future job connections.

There's no better network to have at your disposal as you launch a high-impact career in education.