Your Leadership Development

Fellowship Experience

An Education Pioneers Fellowship is more than just a job. It's an experience that inspires and prepares you to solve problems from outside the classroom, so students and teachers can succeed inside the classroom.

LEARN: Your Professional Development

Go deep on foundational knowledge.

Being an effective education leader requires being conversant and credible in the matters that directly impact schools and communities. Through Fellowship programming, EP Fellows gain exposure to the issues, policies, and politics that are critical for a transformational career in education.

As a Fellow, you’ll join a local cohort for in-person and virtual professional development opportunities, and learn from your peers and from education leaders locally and nationwide. Programming lays the foundation for you to thrive in your placement organization and beyond.

Your programming will include:

Induction, introducing you to EP and our resources.

Workshops and Webinars, on topics like the opportunity gap, school systems, and change management.

Capstone, designed for reflection and launching your future.

During these sessions, you’ll hear directly from prominent education leaders who serve as guest speakers, dive into case studies, and put yourself in the shoes of critical stakeholders throughout the education sector. By the end of your programming, you’ll better understand what it takes to succeed as a leader in education, and be equipped to follow the education leadership career path you desire.

Programming Topics


Fellows will learn about the scope of programming, receive an overview of their local education landscapes, and have an opportunity to build community with one another.


This workshop will explore the notion of race and power and the intersectionality of education in order to develop a deep understanding of the individual impact of their mindsets and work on students and families.

As a result of the workshops, Fellows will:

·        Identify the impact of privilege, power and people as it relates to the building and sustaining of the systems and foundations that exist in the current education landscape.

·        Deconstruct the intersection of equity and access in order to inform practice.

·        Use concepts of courageous conversations to navigate discourse around the historical, institutional, structural context in our efforts to draw an informed conclusion about the opportunity gap.

·        Apply theories of how education has been impacted by race and power and connect it to the work of a specific organization's impact on the opportunity gap.


EP Staff will lead an event that connects themes from programming to current events, local activities, or relevant articles or books.


Fellows will participate in some curriculum virtually. We’ll be partnering with virtual facilitators and Alumni to provide a broad range of offerings including topics like: implicit bias, leadership, human capital, and technology in education.


This workshop will explore effective change management and implementation strategies, examine change through the role of equity and community engagement, and engage in the design process to address problems in the education sector.

As a result of the workshop, Fellows will:

·        Utilize different frameworks to drive change in an education organization.

·        Design a change management process around a particular issue in education.

·        Connect concepts of change management to community empowerment and equity.


Fellows will reflect on their fellowship experience, celebrate their accomplishments, and plan ways to continue engaging in meaningful leadership work to help build a more equitable and excellent education system for all students.