Education Pioneers believes extraordinary change requires extraordinary people. Here’s how we work to transform education:


We scout the nation to find talented graduate students and professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Through the Education Pioneers Fellowship, we provide support and leadership skills to our Pioneers so they enter into either short- or long-term positions in education understanding the issues that face our system and ready to make changes.


EP connects Pioneers with Partner organizations in K-12 education, including school districts, charter schools, and more.

We ask our Partners: What problems do you need solved outside of the classroom to benefit students and teachers inside the classroom? We then connect our Partners with Pioneers who have skills in areas such as data analysis, operations, finance, human resources, and more.


EP provides our Pioneers and Partners with connections to leadership development and a powerful network.

Together, we are creating transformational leaders helping to serve more than 3.5 million public school students nationwide – and we are widening our impact every year. 

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