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Pacific Charter School Development

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Charter Management Organization/Charter School

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Los Angeles

About Pacific Charter School Development

Pacific is a non-profit real estate development organization providing low-cost facilities to high-quality charter schools.

  • The focus of Pacific's efforts is underserved inner city students.
  • They find, finance, and build schools in neighborhoods with chronically overcrowded and underperforming schools.
  • Projects allow constituent charter schools to concentrate their time, money and efforts on classroom instruction rather than classroom construction. 


Creating schools for urban children  


To date Pacific has created 15 schools on 10 campuses serving over 5,000 students. They expect to serve over 20,000 students throughout California by 2010  

Education Pioneers Projects

  • Oversaw development of new school sites, assisted in critical path tracking, budget management and team coordination
  • Managed development of 3 sites for ICEF Public Schools


Alumni working for this organization