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This Forbes profile tells the story of Kinvolved, a Brooklyn based social enterprise tech startup that provides teachers with software to help them "keep track of students' tardiness and attendance records, contact parents instantly, and decide on the best ways to intervene."

Kinvolved was co-founded by Alex Meis and Miriam Altman, both Alumni of the 2012 Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellowship in New York.

National nonprofit to select and place largest cohort to date to provide critical data and analysis capacity to leading education organizations

Oakland, Calif.- Education Pioneers, a national nonprofit with a bold vision to transform education into the best led and managed sector in the U.S., announced today that it will grow its 2014 Analyst Fellowship by over 40 percent this year to meet demand in the education sector for more data experts. The organization is seeking more than 120 top emerging leaders with strong analytical skills for the prestigious leadership development program.

A 2013 Education Pioneers report, The Invisible Lever: A Profile of Leadership and Management Talent in Education, found that nearly 60 percent of Education Pioneers Alumni working full-time in the education sector described their roles as analytically focused. Nearly half of their data analysis focuses on academic performance, such as student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and college readiness; and half focuses on core business data such as finance, human resources, and operations.

In addition, Education Pioneers has seen a significant increase in requests for talented data experts from its Partner education organizations. To provide more education organizations with critical analytical capacity to make data-informed decisions, Education Pioneers is growing the 2014 cohort significantly.

A 2009 Alumnus of the Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellowship, Buher is now Chief Operating Officer of the New York City Department of Education, where he is in charge of a $25 billion budget serving 1.1 million students, by far the largest of any school system in America.

2012 EP Graduate School Fellowship Alumna Tameka Jackson is seeking to launch a New East Harlem charter school focused on tech literacy.

Jackson, an administrator at the New Dawn Charter High School in Brooklyn, and a team of educators from across the city are preparing to form VALOUR Charter School, which, if approved by state officials, would serve 720 students in grades 6-12. Of the 11 charter schools in East Harlem, only three serve high school students.

"We picked East Harlem because the numbers there are so appalling as far as the at-risk population in that area. Those are the kids that we want," said Jackson, adding that the school would also aid students with disabilities and English language learners.

In his latest blog for Education Week, Tom Vander Ark speaks with five nonprofit executives, including Education Pioneers Founder and CEO Scott Morgan, about expanding organizations nationally.

When asked how to attract great talent on a tight budget, Scott advised:

"Be bold! A clear, ambitious vision of the impact your organization will make is essential to inspire talented people to join you. The best way to overcome a small budget in attracting great talent is by developing a compelling vision to attract entrepreneurial people who want to use their passion and skills to change the world. Do inspiration one better: empower the great people who join your team with significant responsibilities based on their interests, strengths and your organization's key priorities. This will enable them to make unique and powerful contributions to your work while becoming co-creators in building a great organization."

The Daily Muse catches up with current Analyst Fellow Jennifer Clessas, who learned about Education Pioneers' Fellowship opportunities on The Muse.

As Clessas tells The Muse, the Analyst Fellowship "was attractive for its unique model. EP is essentially a professional network for emerging education leaders. EP connected me to an organization that needs my skills but can also teach me about what education reform looks like on the ground level. I love the fellowship cohort model that EP applies-all fellows have ongoing support, professional development opportunities, and exposure to a large alumni network."

2013 Analyst Fellow Susan Gundersen reflects on the recent Analyst Fellowship National Convening in San Francisco, where 85 current Fellows gathered from around the country for three days to address key issues and trends in U.S. public education.

Scott Morgan, Founder and CEO of Education Pioneers, joined the Choice Media "Ed Reform Minute" podcast to discuss why leaders and managers will be fundamental in the transformation of U.S. school systems.

Building off of a recent National Affairs article from Rick Hess, "The Missing Half of School Reform," Morgan quotes Thomas Edison, emphasizing that "vision without execution is hallucination." He adds:

"We need to do more than cast big visions and cast bold policies to succeed in providing all students with a high quality education. We also must execute with excellence in order to realize the promise of those visions and policies. And this really requires that we have strong leaders and managers in positions outside the school building. And those leaders—we feel at Education Pioneers—are essential to building a high-performing educational system where the 50 million students that are educated across the U.S. are educated at a very high level."

The team at Getting Smart featured Education Pioneers in their list of ten "interesting and good things happening in the world of education."


National nonprofit to select and place largest cohort to date to provide critical capacity to leading education organizations

Oakland, Calif.- Education Pioneers, a national nonprofit with a bold vision to transform education into the best led and managed sector in the U.S., announced today that it is seeking more than 550 top emerging leaders for prestigious education leadership fellowships across the country in 2014, including the flagship Graduate School Fellowship and the Analyst Fellowship.

Based on the success of the 2013 Fellowship programs, and to advance an ambitious goal to have 10,000 Alumni working full-time in education by 2023, Education Pioneers is growing 2014 programs by over 25 percent this year.