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In this Q&A with Rocketship Education, Ryan Romaneski, Education Pioneers' current Director of Partner Strategy and a 2013 Alumnus of the Graduate School Fellowship, shares his thoughts on EP partnerships, leadership, and the keys to attracting our nation's best and brightest to careers in education.

As Ryan tells Rocketship, "If an organization has a talent mindset and is getting it done for kids, we want to partner with them."

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An MBA Gets Schooled

Stephanie Ang (GSF DC Metro Area 2014) reflects on lessons learned during her summer as an EP Fellow with Charter Board Partners, highlighting four takeaways from her first foray into the education sector.
EP Alumna Paris Woods (GSF Bay Area 2012) serves as the Director of Alumni Support at Cohen College Prep, helping New Orleans students navigate the college admission and financial aid process. Her impactful work relies on strong relationships with students and families in the Cohen community. "The idea was for me to come in early and build relationships with students because it's hard to get someone to respond to someone they view as a stranger," commented Woods.
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Coming to Terms About Mentorship


Fellow Vivy Chao (GSF Los Angeles 2014) came to Education Pioneers looking for a mentor and left as a member of EP's extensive network of education leaders, where she "finally learned what mentorship was all about."

EP Fellow Kat O'Neil (GSF Bay Area 2014) shares her fellowship experience, discussing the importance of bringing business and leadership skills to the education sector.

"In my work this summer, I am continually inspired and motivated by the individuals in Oakland working tirelessly to improve education for their students, which is by no means an easy task, but a critical one nonetheless."

Getting Smart identifies Washington D.C. as hotbed for "experiments, excitement, progress and change" in the education sector, thanks in part to EP's 68 Fellows currently working with 35 partner organizations in the D.C. Metro Area. There are an additional 200+ Alumni in the region, 70% of whom are currently working in education. 

2014 Fellow Vanessa Monterosa blogs about her EP experience in Los Angeles and "falling" for the K-12 education sector. 

As Vanessa writes: "This opportunity has been amazing thus far, because it has tapped into all the things I love – education, technology, and community."

California is now the first state to implement specific funding, support, and accountability for foster children in public schools. EP Alumnus Jesse Hanhel (Bay Area, 2007) works on the front line of the new initiative as founder and director of FosterEd, advocating for foster youth in spaces where their voices are seldom heard. "Foster children are our children. We have a collective responsibility to ensure they thrive in school."

2012 EP alumnus Corey Blay writes about Brotherhood Prep, a private high school he's working to build in Harlem that "would have the resources required to support black and Latino boys at their most vulnerable stage and the freedom needed to pioneer new education models that helps boys of color to thrive in competitive high schools, colleges, and work environments."

Dania Frink ('13), a Masters in Public Administration alumna from the University of San Francisco, will be joining EP as a year-long Fellow with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. She speaks to her alma mater about the grant work she will be doing at Schusterman, her transition to the nonprofit sector, and her commitment to the Bay Area.