From Intention to Action: Building Diverse, Inclusive Teams in Education to Deepen Impact

Diverse leadership teams bring tremendous value across organizations and industries. However, there is much work to be done when it comes to education organizations’ abilities to attract, develop, and retain leaders of color. Koya Leadership Partners and Education Pioneers developed From Intention to Action: Building Diverse, Inclusive Teams in Education to Deepen Impact to help translate these well-intentioned beliefs about the importance of diversity into actionable practices. Download the Full Report >> Download the Organizational Audit Checklist >> Download the Infographic...

Masters of Complexity: Leading Effectively in Public Education

Masters of Complexity
Like never before, work in all industries is becoming increasingly complex. Leaders face significant and often competing challenges, like fewer dollars and greater accountability, global competition and a high bar for quality. We're facing next-generation work, and traditional skills like negotiation and delegation no longer cut it. To thrive, next-generation leaders need new and expansive skills that researchers have just begun to map. Among them: multi-sector experience, "greater diversity of experience and thinking styles," and emphasizing collaboration to make a broader organizational...

The Invisible Lever

The United States K-12 education sector, a $600 billion industry responsible for the second largest workforce in the country, has tremendous management opportunities and challenges. This report by Education Pioneers, funded by the MetLife Foundation, provides a fresh look at the need for leadership and management in public education and reveals what efforts will be needed to strengthen the leadership pipeline from within education, and to bring in people and practices from beyond education.