Eyeing Education Entrepreneurship? Must-Read Tips to Get Started the Right Way

One of Education Pioneers’ long-standing partner organizations is Bellwether Education Partners . Bellwether, a nonprofit that helps education organizations become more effective in their work with underserved students, also supports entrepreneurs who see gaps in the field and have ideas on how to address them. Bellwether offers entrepreneurs hands-on, high-touch support to help them translate their vision into activities, staff, resources, and financial models. In this post, Bellwether Co-Founder and Managing Partner Mary Wells shares must-read advice for education entrepreneurs getting...

Low Stakes and Let’s Go: Navigating Tension to Innovate in Education

Education Pioneers’ National Conference Speaker Q&A with Hassan Hassan, Director of Investments, 4.0 Schools Hassan Hassan believes that luck has played a huge role in his success as a college graduate, private-sector engineer, and now director of investments for 4.0 Schools, a nonprofit incubator for education entrepreneurs. He also believes he can help make success for all students less about luck and more about design. To help early stage entrepreneurs who have ideas on how to improve schools, Hassan will run two interactive workshops at the #EP2016 National Conference titled “What Is...

Is Innovation the Way to Transform Public Education? Q&A with Jason Weeby

Decades-long work to transform U.S. public education has had its share of failures, stumbles, and pivots. It has also had many successes. Education Pioneers Alum Jason Weeby, Senior Fellow at Bellwether Education Partners, reflects on some of those wins and losses. He also talks with EP about why having the courage to innovate, face necessary failures on the road to success, and persevere in work to disrupt the status quo will ultimately transform education for the better—especially if we remain reflective and always maintain a large helping of empathy. 1. You’re speaking on a panel at the #...

Alumni Rock Star Round-Up: From Social Venture to Community Organizations, Pioneers are Reimagining Public Education

At EP, we’re always impressed by our Pioneers. The work they do, their commitment and dedication to changing outcomes for underserved students—that’s the stuff that keeps us at EP doing the work we do to help support and grow their careers.

Four Must-Knows for Every Education Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur

About a week ago, a handful of Education Pioneers Fellows and Alumni had the opportunity to participate in an “Agents of Change” dinner in New York’s Financial District. At these annual local events, Education Pioneers brings together leaders from across education organizations to share their perspectives, insights, and experiences from their work in the field. As an EP Fellow and someone who is relatively new to education, I appreciated the opportunity to learn from seasoned change-catalysts about what helped them excel. Four must-knows I learned about entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

ASU+GSV Reflections: EdTech Can Be Both a Disrupter & Equalizer

Frances McLaughlin
The desert winds that blew through last week’s ASU+GSV Summit 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona carried new perspectives and insights on education technology. For me, the most notable was how the viewpoint on technology has shifted even in recent years: from a possible solution to our country’s public education challenges to a critical tool or lever to reshape American education and expand opportunity. And boy, is there excitement and enthusiasm for what that tool, wielded carefully and thoughtfully, could do to change how we think about the process and purpose of education.