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Generation Schools needed a leader and a thinker to move an important project forward. Phil was exactly the right person for us. His work will have a direct and immediate impact with students and teachers this fall. In addition, I believe his contribution has the potential to influence the national conversation about preparing all students for success in Algebra. Thank you Phil.

—Furman Brown, Founder, Generation Schools (about Phil Stewart)

The New York metro area faces unique education challenges.  The New York City Department of Education serves nearly 1.1 million students each year.  In 2007, only 47% Black and 43% Hispanic New York City students graduated from high school.  A high-quality education improves opportunities for students in the New York metro area.  To address New York's unique challenges and deliver high-quality education, we need more skilled leaders working in the field of education.

Talent for Organizations Solving New York Metro Area's Education Challenges

Education Pioneers New York Metro Area partners with 17 organizations such as New York City Department of Education, Uncommon Schools, Wireless Generation, Newark Charter School Fund and Teach For America. We supply Partners with great people for  critical projects and full-time employment. Last summer, the New York City Department of Education utilized Fellows to create an emergency management structure and evaluate and make recommendations on curriculum.

Skilled Professionals Recruited to Work in Education in the New York Metro Area

We recruit and groom top graduate school students from schools like Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Howard University and NYU for our selective Fellowship Program. Fellows are groomed to become leaders in education in the New York metro area through high-level work experience, training on complex New York education issues and collaboration with local education experts and peers.

Alumni: Leaders in Education in the New York Metro Area

In the New York Metro Area, 70% of Education Pioneers Alumni work full-time in the field of education. Erica Williamson, MBA from Stanford University and 2008 Education Pioneers Fellow, could have followed a career path in the private sector, but is now Director of Human Capital Management at Achievement First, a charter school management organization, where she oversees the organization's talent management strategy.


Education Pioneers is supported by private contributions from corporations, foundations, and individuals. We would like to recognize the following donors for making our efforts possible:

The Walton Family Foundation
New York City Charter School Center
Thomas Bradshaw
MetLife Foundation
Bruce Sandys

Advisory Board

Ellen Winn, Vice-President, School Systems Leadership Initiative, Teach For America
Mark Crusante, Director of Development with the Our World Neighborhood Charter School

Contact Information

Eastern Region Executive Director: Tanya Ramos

155 Water Street
5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201